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Push+ Go Standalone Encoder System

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Product description

Please Note: This product is currently not available in the US.

Suitable for Omegon Dobson Advanced X N 203/1200, 254/1250, 304/1500

GSO Optical Classic 8", 10", 12"

TS Optics Dobsons Classic Line

ICS Galaxy Dobson

The video below explains how to assemble the standalone encoder system.

Fed up with searching for deep-sky objects? Now you can find every object that the sky has to offer. Without even looking.

You have almost certainly been in this situation before: you are looking for a faint galaxy that has always fascinated you. But it presents a challenge because there are hardly any stars with which you can orient yourself. From now on, you do not need to find every object yourself using your Dobsonian telescope. Make it easy for yourself: the Push+ Go kit transforms your Dobsonian telescope into an effective object-finding machine. Your telescope remains nonetheless a manually-controlled instrument, but with wonderful technical support.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Object finder retrofit kit with push-to technology for Omegon Advanced X, GSO Classic and ICS Galaxy Dobson telescopes
  • Two precise digital encoders: to ensure that your telescope knows exactly where it is in the sky. With your software or app you now follow every movement and every step in the sky
  • No cable chaos: using Bluetooth 2.0 a wireless and convenient connection is made to your smartphone, within a range of 10 metres
  • Delivered with an ultra-compact power bank so you no longer have to worry about having enough power
  • Simple installation: in just 10-15 minutes
  • Smartphone holder included: for smartphones up to 75 mm wide

Simply retrofit and get going to the stars
It's easy: retrofit your Dobsonian telescope and transform it into a unique object-finding system with this stand-alone Push+ Go kit. All the components you need to get going are already included. The kit is installed in a few simple steps, in just 10-15 minutes.

Digital encoders - your telescope's compass
Your telescope tells you immediately where it is. This is made possible by the two digital encoders in the azimuth and altitude axes. The high-resolution encoders record every step when the rocker box moves in any direction.

Bluetooth 2.0
A wireless connection to your smartphone is made via Bluetooth 2.0. Simply insert your smartphone into the holder supplied and say goodbye to cable chaos.

It's really easy with the right app
Your Android smartphone (not supplied) becomes a navigator of the skies. The Push+ Go works best with the astronomy app Sky Safari 4 Plus ® or later (not supplied, available to buy in Google Play). Your display shows you a digital star chart that tells you exactly where you are looking. Now select your chosen stars, planets and nebulae. Move the telescope to your chosen object: at the same time the view from your telescope moves like a cross-hair across the sky. Unlike a GoTo system, the Dobsonian feel is preserved. And searching feels as simple and intuitive as riding a bike.

Power bank included
Do you already know how to power the Push+ Go? You don't need to worry about this because a power supply is already included.

The power bank is light, extremely compact and delivers energy for an entire night. And it is simply fixed to the rocker box using the appropriate holder. For you this means: simply plug in the cable and get started.

Do you want to find every faint object in your Dobsonian telescope? Then choose Push+ Go. Locating objects easily will become one of your simplest tasks.

Suitable for:
Omegon Dobson Advanced X N 203/1200 (#53802), 254/1250 (#53803), 304/1500 (#53804)

GSO Optical Classic 8", 10", 12"

TS Optics Dobsons Classic Line

ICS Galaxy Dobson

Only suitable for Android smartphones. Operation with PC also possible.


  • ALT encoder and Bluetooth box
  • AZ encoder
  • USB to 12V converter cable
  • Power bank
  • Smartphone holder

An independent review with a basic explanation of the Dobsonian system with an Omegon Push+ Go encoder system:



Power consumption (mA)
Power supply

Special features

GoTo system


Battery included


Weight (g)

GoTo control

Alignment method
2 star
Omegon Push+ Go Standalone Encoder System
Omegon Push+ Go Standalone Encoder System
Omegon Push+ Go Standalone Encoder System
Omegon Push+ Go Standalone Encoder System
Omegon Push+ Go Standalone Encoder System
Omegon Push+ Go Standalone Encoder System

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