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Steiner Binoculars Safari UltraSharp 10x30

Product no.: 23450
Manufacturer: Steiner

$ 315.00

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Product description:

Brilliant 3D viewing with no limit

Sun, rain or dust - these rugged binoculars in Steiner's characteristic design can defy the worst conditions and provide sharp 3D observing, even under extreme conditions, thanks to the High-Contrast optics.

Safari UltraSharp with new, innovative optics

With its new UltraSharp optics concept for their successful Safari series, Steiner has set an unprecedented milestone in the performance of easy-to-handle outdoor binoculars.

Unbelievable crispness right up to the edge of the field of view, incredible colour brilliance, even under difficult light conditions, and a vivid 3D image are all features of the newly developed High-Contrast Optics.

Now new with ultra-convenient Sports Auto-Focus Plus!

The highlight of Safari UltraSharp 8×30 binoculars is the superb 3D image they provide, with exceptional depth of field and true-to-life colours.

Tried-and-proven for decades and sold in the millions, Steiner Sports Auto-Focus binoculars mean that you always get a sharp image - from distances of 20 meters to infinity- without the annoyance of having to refocus.

The new, innovative Steiner Sports Auto-Focus Plus now offers a decisive advantage: Once set, with a simple twist you can observe at close range from 2 to 20m. A quick flick to the right is enough to change focus to nearby objects. This makes Safari UltraSharp 8×30 binoculars incredibly easy to use and they are multi-functional for different uses

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