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Steiner is known for excellent quality. It was founded in Bayreuth as a one-man business in 1947 by Karl Steiner. The high quality standard of the Steiner instruments is the reason why these binoculars are so popular in all the different uses to which they are put. STEINER binoculars can withstand even the toughest demands put on them!

In 1967, Steiner started using the material ‘Makrolon’, developed for the space industry, which has a unique robustness and temperature resistance. This material is the reason for the lightness of Steiner binoculars. Thanks to the use of STEINER’s innovative special optics support and their precision prism mounting, all their binoculars are completely shock-resistant. This unique design ensures that STEINER binoculars will continue delivering superb optical performance after decades of use.

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More about Steiner

Steiner was founded in 1947 by Karl Steiner as a one-man business in Bayreuth. The visionary character of entrepreneur Karl Steiners meant he was able to employee 50 employees in 1950. Steiner optics soon became known as a binocular specialist. Not just any binoculars, but extremely robust and reliable high-performance binoculars. Manufactured to the highest quality and precision machined with total commitment and passion.

Their rise to becoming a world leader

The founder’s son, Carl Steiner, took over the management of the company in the 1970s and oversaw the rise of Steiner-Optik to become a world leader by building on its unparalleled expertise.

A further highlight of the Steiner’s visionary management was the production of binoculars which provided excellent image quality even at night.

Between tradition und innovation

In keeping with his father's tradition, dynamic entrepreneur Carl Steiner was committed not only to maintaining uncompromising quality, but also to keeping Germany as a production centre, creating new jobs, training qualified specialist personnel and investing in research and development.

The plant in Bayreuth is today one of the world's most modern research and production facilities for binoculars.


Steiner Optiks views environmental and species protection to be a central part of the firm’s philosophy and takes it responsibility for conserving these valuable assets extremely seriously. The beauties of nature are not only better observed using its instruments, but the Steiner Nature College is increasing its involvement as a sponsor of selected nature conservation projects.

in 2008, Carl Steiner decided to sell his life's work to the Beretta Holding Group in order to secure the company's future.

 In 2017, Steiner celebrated its 70th anniversary.

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