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The extraordinary skill that Kowa have at developing binoculars and spotting scopes is evident in the sophistication of their optical instruments. Their portfolio of binoculars ranges from handy pocket binoculars right up to the XD series of large-format binoculars designed for the highest optical demands. Kowa spotting scopes are considered an insider’s tip by ornithologists.

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Products 1 - 9 of 32
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Weitere Infos zu Kowa

Founded in 1894, the Kowa Company Ltd. is one of the largest privately owned companies in Japan and ranks fifth among the largest trading companies. This fantastic success has been, and still is, achieved by people working together for a greater, common goal. This has meant that Kowa remains a leader in many business areas. To sustain such coherence requires continuous perseverance and leadership, especially in the midst of highly dynamic markets. In order to retain their competitive advantage, Kowa has launched several highly successful divisions: Electronics & Optics (including binoculars and spotting scopes), Pharmaceutical, Textile and Non-Textile.

Since founding the Electronics and Optics Department in 1946, Kowa has combined electronics, mechanics and optics to create important new technologies. Research and development takes place in the company's own plants in Hamamatsu and Chofu, where the development and testing of products is a continual process. The production of lenses for Kowa binoculars, including the grinding and smoothing of the most difficult types of lenses, is carried out at their Glamagorie factory. All of Kowa's manufacturing facilities are dedicated to the production of highly innovative and cost-effective optical products.

Kowa focuses on the world's three largest markets - Asia, Europe and America, and pays close attention to consumer requirements. This is how Kowa has managed to maintain its leading role in the fields of optics and electronics.

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