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Weather stations

Virtually nothing influences our lives more than the weather. If you have the right weather station, you can monitor the elements to inform your daily routine and your hobbies.

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Frequently asked questions about weather stations:

The batteries are inserted but the transmitter is not displayed.

Please remove the batteries from the transmitter and receiver. Place both devices directly next to one another. Then insert the batteries first into the transmitter and then immediately into the receiver.

The transmitter is displayed at first, but then the signal disappears again.

The radio signal cannot penetrate reinforced concrete for any length of time. There should be visual contact between the transmitter and receiver. Ideally, it should be mounted outdoors, close to the window of the room in which the receiver is located.

Why does the outdoor sensor signal disappear in cold weather?

We often hear from customers that the outdoor sensor does not work in winter. This is not, however, because the outdoor sensor is defective, but because of the batteries used. These can lose power or even burst at extreme temperatures. We therefore recommend that you bring the outdoor sensor indoors in winter and use a mechanical weather station instead during the coldest months.

How accurate are they?

Unfortunately, all digital devices have a measurement accuracy of +/-2 degrees. There can therefore be a deviation of up to 4 degrees between two thermometers. However, this deviation is linear, so once it has been determined with the help of a calibrated thermometer, this same deviation can always be assumed. It is not possible to otherwise adjust the devices.

My outdoor sensor is exposed to rain. Will that damage it?

Most outdoor sensors (with the exception of rain sensors) are not waterproof! Rainwater is the most common cause of damage. We recommend hanging the outdoor sensor in a sheltered location. Alternatively, it can be packed in a freezer bag to protect it from the rain.

I can't find a replacement transmitter for my weather station in your product range. Could I use another one instead?

No, we would not recommend this.

Are there also models that can store min/max data for indoors and outdoors?

Yes under: weather stations with Max-Min function. Statistics fans will find the models with a PC connection particularly interesting.

Wolken Gross

Can I order additional transmitters?

Most weather stations offer the option to display information from multiple external transmitters. You’ll find more information about this in the instructions. Additional transmitters currently in stock can be found here.

Is there an extra mounting bracket to securely attach the transmitter?

There is no extra mounting panel available. The transmitter is simply attached using the screw holes in the back.

Can the measurement reading also be seen in the dark?

The LCD weather stations are not normally self-illuminating, but a back-light can be activated at the touch of a button.

I would like to have my weather station repaired, although I didn’t buy it from you.

We provide a returns service for all equipment purchased from us for 2 years following the date of purchase. All we need from you is your order number and the date of purchase. More information can be found under "Returns and complaints".

In all other cases, please contact the manufacturer directly. You will find the address in the product manual.

The hygrometer shows incorrect readings. What should I do?

The hygrometer must be calibrated, which is done as follows: please wrap the device in a damp (not dripping wet) cloth and wait for about 10 minutes. On the back of the device there is an adjustment aid. In most cases, this is a small slotted screw that must be turned.

Before you start the calibration process, be sure you have a suitable screwdriver to hand. After 10 minutes, remove the cloth and immediately set the hygrometer pointer to 100% relative humidity. This completes the process and your weather station should now function correctly.

Wetterstation Nah

The barometer shows incorrect readings. What should I do?

You can usually calibrate the barometer. For more information, see the instructions manual. You can obtain the current atmospheric pressure values for your location on the internet. For example, from the GFS: http://www.wetterzentrale.de/topkarten/tkavneur.html

Although it has just been reset, the built-in radio clock does not display the correct time.

Most radio clocks only synchronise once a day. Therefore please wait 24 hours. If the time is still displayed incorrectly, there are two possible causes:

  • The batteries are too weak
  • The location has poor radio reception

In this case, please replace the batteries and place the weather station close to a window for 24 hours. Please note the first point in the FAQ when replacing the battery.

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