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Delphi-X Observer

State-of-the-art microscopes for advanced life science applications. Ergonomic design and state-of-the-art objectives make the Delphi-X Observer the ideal microscope for life science applications such as cytology and pathology.

Delphi-X Observer

Delphi-X Observer

The ergonomic design and outstanding state-of-the-art objectives make the Delphi-X Observer the ideal microscope for advanced Life Science applications such as cytology and anatomopathology

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Delphi-X Observer

The eyepieces’ 25 mm field of view and the apochromatic plan objectives enable observations with perfect colour rendering with high resolution. With an inverted 6x nosepiece and a large rackless stage with Gorilla Glass, the Delphi-X Observer is by far the best life science microscope available on the market today. Long working sessions are no problem thanks to the ergonomic design, low stage, left- or right-handed controls, and the optional ergonomic tilt head, all designed to fulfil every user’s requirements.

EYEPIECES Super wide field SWF 10x/25 mm, Ø 30 mm tubes. Extended wide field EWF 10x/22 mm, Ø 30 mm tubes.

STANDARD HEAD Siedentopf trinocular head with 30° inclined tubes. Adjustable interocular distance (47- 78 mm). The trinocular standard head has a beam splitter to control the optical path (100:0 / 80:20 / 0:100). Dioptre adjustment of ± 5 on both eyepieces.

ERGONOMIC TILTING HEAD Optional ergonomic, 0 to 35° tilting trinocular head with SWF eyepieces (10x/25mm), interpupillary distance between 47-78mm and photo tube with standard Ø 23.2mm. The trinocular tilting head has a beam splitter to control the optical pathway (100:0 / 80:20 / 0:100). ± 5 dioptre settings for both eyepieces.

MULTI HEAD SYSTEM The Delphi-X Observer™ can be expanded with a multi head system for two, three, five or ten users. The central attachment is equipped with a joystick which moves a green and red laser pointer across the entire field of view of all heads. The multi head system with two, three or five heads and 30° inclined tubes are supplied with super wide-field eyepieces SWF /25mm. For multi-head systems with ten heads and 30° tubes, the trinocular primary head is equipped with SWF 10x/25mm eyepieces and the other binocular heads with extended wide-field eyepieces EWF 10x/22mm. The Delphi-X Observer™ multi head system with 10 heads is supplied without an ICare sensor. This can be ordered separately under reference: DX.2156-xxx/10 (only with halogen 100W illumination) or DX.1156-PLI/n (with NeoLED illumination). N = total number of heads. Xxx = PLI, APLI or PLPHi objective.

FACE-TO-FACE DUAL HEAD SYSTEM The Delphi-X Observer™ can be supplied with two binocular heads in a face-to-face configuration that allows simultaneous observation by two users. The primary head is equipped with Super Wide field eyepieces SWF 10x/25mm and the second head with EWF eyepieces 10x/22mm. A joystick allows the operator to move a green or red laser pointer across the entire field of view of both heads. Order reference: DX.2154-xxx (Halogen 100W illumination) or DX.1154-xxx (NeoLED models). xxx : PLI, APLI or PLPHi objective.

NOSEPIECE Reversed nosepiece for six objectives mounted on ball bearings with 25mm objective thread.

MOTORISED NOSEPIECE The Delphi-X Observer™ can be supplied with a motorised, rotating reverse sextuplet nosepiece. A precise stepper motor allows the user to switch objectives at the push of a button. Another button allows the user to quickly switch between two preselected objectives. Supplied with a motorised nosepiece as standard.

Delphi-X Observer

OBJECTIVE All objectives are 60mm Enhanced Infinity Corrected (EIS) and have a M25 mm mounting thread. All lenses are anti-fungus treated and anti-reflection coated to provide maximum light throughput. The S40x, S60x and S100x objectives are spring loaded (1) optional.

ENHANCED INFINITY SYSTEM (EIS) The Delphi-X Observer™ Enhanced Infinity System (EIS) consists of super wide field SWF 10x25mm eyepieces, 60mm high numerical aperture parfocal objectives and a 200mm focal length. The 200mm focal length tube lens reduces the angle of the light path passing through the optics, significantly improving chromatic aberration correction and contrast. The larger-diameter objectives allow for much larger numerical apertures, which improves the optical system’s overall resolving power. For all of these reasons, the Delphi-X Observer™ offers excellent optical performance for the most demanding applications.

PLAN ACHROMATIC EIS OBJECTIVES (routine clinical applications) The Delphi-X Observer™ comes standard with plan achromatic infinity-corrected 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40, S40x/0.65 and S100x/1.25 EIS objectives. Available as an option: 2x/0.06, S50x/0.95 (oil immersion) and S60x/0.80.

PLAN SEMI-APOCHROMATIC OBJECTIVES (anatomy pathology and histopathology applications) Infinity corrected 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40, S40x/0.65 and S100x/1.25. The Delphi-X Observer ™ comes with plan achromatic 4x/0.10, EIS objectives as standard. Available as an option: 2x/0.06, S50x/0.95 (oil immersion) and S60x/0.80.

PLAN PHASE CONTRAST OBJECTIVES Plan phase contrast infinity corrected EIS objectives 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40, S40x/0.65 and S100x/1.25 (oil immersion).

STAGE 190x152mm stage with integrated 78x32mm right-handed mechanical stage designed for 2 slides. Supplied with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass as standard. Scratch-resistant sapphire glass is available on request. Left-handed mechanical stage is available on request.

FOCUS ADJUSTMENT Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, 100 graduations, 1µm precision, 100μm per revolution. Total travel range is approx. 35mm. Supplied with an adjustable rack stop, which prevents damage to the specimen and objective. The coarse adjustments are equipped with friction control. The focus knobs can be changed from left to right depending on the user's requirements.

CONDENSOR FOR BRIGHT FIELD height adjustable NA 0.90/1.25 swing-out Abbe condenser with numerical aperture markings. Models with a motorised nosepiece are supplied with a motorised condenser that automatically flips out the front lens of the condenser when the 4x objective is in use.

CONDENSER FOR DIFFERENTIAL INTERFERENCE CONTRAST (DIC) AND BRIGHT FIELD  An optional height-adjustable disc condenser for DIC and bright field can be equipped with multiple primary DIC prisms for use with sliders with secondary DIC prism in the nosepiece.

CONDENSER FOR PHASE CONTRAST Height-adjustable NA 1.25 Zernike phase contrast condenser with phase ring for 10/20/40x and S100x oil objectives. For use with phase contrast objectives.

DIASCOPIC ILLUMINATION Two Köhler illumination options are available for the Delphi-X Observer™ microscope: diascopic intensity adjustable 3W NeoLED™ Köhler illumination with internal 100-240V power supply or diascopic intensity adjustable 100W halogen Köhler illumination with internal 100-240V power supply. The diascopic halogen illumination is supplied with two push-in/push-out neutral density filters to evenly reduce light intensity for all types of samples. The diascopic NeoLED™  illumination is supplied with a neutral density filter.

LIGHT INTENSITY MEMORY FUNCTION LIM Automatically stores the preferred brightness while the magnification is changed. You do not need to adjust the illumination brightness when you change magnification. This allows the preferred brightness to be maintained at each magnification level, significantly improving user efficiency and reducing eye strain. Supplied with a motorised nosepiece on all models as standard, for other models see ordering information under "Ordering information - automatic light intensity memory function". For example: model DX.1153-PLI = DX.1153-PLI/LIM with automatic light control.

NEOLED™  The innovative NeoLED™ design is a combination of a custom LED and a specially designed thin lens with short focal length to deliver three main benefits: more oblique light from the LED light source can be captured, which significantly increases the light output. Less energy is required to achieve a given light intensity. The larger aperture of the NeoLED™ allows the optical system to produce images with higher resolutions, which are very close to the theoretical diffraction limit of the optical system.

ICARE SENSOR The unique iCare sensor is designed to avoid unnecessary energy loss. The microscope's illumination automatically switches off as the user moves away from their position.

CARRYING GRIP The carrying grip built into on the back of the microscope ensures that the microscope can be carried safely and the integrated tool holder ensure that the right tool is always at hand.

PACKAGE CONTENTS Supplied with power cord, dust cover, spare fuse, instruction manual and 5ml bottle of immersion oil. Everything is packed in a polystyrene box.

The 25 mm field of view of the eyepieces and the plan apochromatic objectives enable observations with perfect color rendering at high resolving power. With 25 mm field of view, unsurpassed 60 mm EIS objectives, sextuple revolver and a large rackless stage with scratch-resistant Gorilla glass the Delphi-X Observer offers the absolute best available Life Science microscope on the market. Long working sessions will not be a problem due to the ergonomic design, low stage controls for either left or right handed users and an optional ergonomic tilting head to match each user requirement.