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Astrophotography > Camera mounts > System camera mounts > Celestron > Celestron Piggyback camera mounting for NexStar SE 6/8
Product no.: 21909

Piggyback camera mounting for NexStar SE 6/8

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Product description

The Celestron Piggyback Mount is a great accessory for all observers interested in deep-sky astrophotography. This mount allows you to attach your camera, with its lens, to the top of the telescope. Its unique design also allows you to fit your NexStar telescope's Star Pointer on top of the Piggyback so that you can accurately navigate your telescope and conduct astrophotography at the same time.

The Piggyback adapter mounts to the rear cell of the 5, 6, and 8 SE NexStar telescopes.



Fits ...
NexStar 5, 6 and 8 SE


Camera bracket
Type of build
Piggyback camera mounts
Celestron Piggyback camera mounting for NexStar SE 6/8

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