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3D eyepieces: discover the third dimension!

August 1 2016, Stefan Taube

The use of binocular attachments (bino viewers) or astro binoculars with eyepiece connection makes for a stunning view of celestial bodies. The surfaces of the Moon or the planets, or even star clusters appear to be three-dimensional. It has been proven – and you can easily see this for yourself – that it takes two to see one: Looking through the optics with both of your eyes is a much more relaxing experience, and the processing of signals in the brain results in a much brighter, higher contrast impression. Even the colours of planets seem more vibrant.

3D Astronomy L-O-A 21mm 1,25" Set

3D Astronomy L-O-A 21mm 1,25″ Set

The new eyepieces from 3dastronomy dramatically enhance this effect! They come with an integrated Lederman Optical Array (L-O-A). This is a component in one of the two eyepieces of the set, which was developed by Russ Ledermann, the well-known optician.

This component consists of five square glass plates, which are mounted on the field lens. Used in both eyepieces of a binocular attachment or binoculars, it provides a crisp, three-dimensional image. By turning one of the two eyepieces, you can adjust whether the centre of the celestial object should be in the foreground or in the background.

What causes this effect? In this context, please read the product test report in the journal Astronomy Magazine, which you can find under the “Downloads” tab on the eyepieces product page.

The set consists of two eyepieces, which can be used in a binocular attachment or binoculars with a 1.25” connection. On the eyepieces product page you will also find a video, taken on the occasion of a meeting of telescope enthusiasts.

We will continue to test the eyepiece set in detail and report on our experiences in this Astro-Blog.

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