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Sale: Beginner Telescope Bresser Messier-130 EXOS-1

December 12 2017, Stefan Taube

The Newton Telescope N 130/1000 Messier EXOS-1 von Bresser is an excellent beginners scope.  The primary mirror at 130 mm diameter allows for observations of brighter deep-sky objects, like the binary star Albireo in the constellation Cygnus, the “double-double” Epsilon Lyrae in the constellation Lyra or the famous Orion Nebula in the constellation with the same name.

Observing the Moon and planets is quite enjoyable  with the Newton, since it does not show any color distortions as a result of its build.

Bresser Messier N130

A tried and tested beginner telescope: N 130/1000 Messier EXOS-1

In combination with the EXOS-1 Mount, you can focus on an object and follow the rotation of the heavens by turning the flexible shaft.  You can even motorize the mount, as well as use a polar finder, to make using the scope a breeze and more exact.

We offer the entire set, comprised of the telescope and mount with tripod, currently for the price of only 298 Euros.  That means you save 131 Euros off of the recommended price.

Mit der EXOS-1 Montierung können Sie das Teleskop auf das gewünschte Objekt ausrichten und über Drehung an der biegsamen Welle der Himmelsrotation nachführen. Es ist auch jederzeit eine nachträgliche Motorisierung möglich, sowie die Verwendung eines Polsuchers, um dieses Nachführen bequemer und genauer zu ermöglichen!

Learn more about the Bresser Telescope N 130/1000 Messier EXOS-1 special offer below:

The set is delivered with a 26mm Super Plössl eyepiece.  Three other eyepieces are also available at special price:

That way you can get your telescope with a fitting set of eyepieces! The offer for the telescope and eyepieces is valid until the 31st December 2017 and only while supplies last.

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