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Lithium LT – the new power tank from Celestron

August 10 2020, Stefan Taube

With the PowerTank Lithium LT, Celestron is introducing a particularly light battery, which is especially suitable for smaller telescopes.


The power tank can be attached to a tripod leg using the velcro straps included.

Modern telescope electronics react very sensitively to an incorrect voltage. Operating a telescope at too low a voltage can cause the motors to suffer at higher loads and even cause the electronics to fail. The PowerTank Lithium LT uses a built-in voltage regulator to ensure that it continually delivers at least 11.8 volts, until the battery is almost empty and shuts itself down.

Compared to a classic lead-acid battery, the PowerTank Lithium LT is smaller, lighter, more efficient and better for the environment. It offers better performance, a longer life and safer operation than other, cheaper lithium-ion batteries. It also offers automatic shutdown, reverse polarity protection and charge/discharge protection, as well as protection against overvoltage and short circuits.


A smartphone can be charged using the USB output.

We recommend the PowerTank Lithium LT  for telescopes from the following series:

By the way: the battery also meets the current FAA regulations for hand luggage – ideal for travelling!

New: Celestron Powertank Lithium 86 Wh

August 8 2016, Stefan Taube

The Powertank portable, rechargeable batteries are an easy and economical way of ensuring power supply to the motorized mounts. With its lithium-vivianite rechargeable battery, the manufacturer, Celestron, has introduced a new Powertank to the market: the Celestron Lithium 86 Wh.

Celestron Powertank Lithium LiFePO4 84Wh

Celestron Powertank Lithium LiFePO4 84Wh

This new Powertank combines the advantages of lithium technology – high power density, cycle life, better environmental compatibility – with a well thought-out design. Using the supplied Velcro tape, the Powertank Lithium 86 Wh can be simply fastened to the tripod leg.

It not only provides a 12 Volt output voltage for the telescope mount, but is also equipped with charging sockets for your tablet and smartphone.

A cable with utility plug connects the telescope with the Powertank. This standard originating from the cigarette lighter in a car has become well established. Most mounts include a corresponding cable in their scope of delivery. You can, however, also buy the cable separately here.

The Celestron Powertank Lithium 86 Wh also has a torch (flashlight) function, optionally with white or red light. All switches and sockets are protected by hinged lids, making sure that they stay free of dirt or dust during long-term storage.


Talking of storage: There is a problem with the classic Powertanks, in that they will fail, if not used for a long time. They suffer self-discharge, which is accompanied by a loss of storage capacity. Starting to use a telescope again after an extended period of not observing the night sky may result in a very unpleasant surprise indeed. In this area – the so-called storage life – the new Powertank Lithium 86 Wh is also superior to its predecessor!

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