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Zoffoli Globe Bar Giasone 40cm

Product no.: 1585
Manufacturer: Zoffoli

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Zoffoli Globe Bar Giasone 40cm
Zoffoli Globe Bar Giasone 40cm
Zoffoli Globe Bar Giasone 40cm

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Product description:

Zoffoli bar globe Giasone - how to offer drinks to your guests in a classy way.

You need a bar globe, which is a little bigger than the normal ones? Then you are on the right track with this Zoffoli Giasone bar globe! Thanks to two storage surfaces, there is place for your preferred liquors on the side and beneath. You will never have to choose between your favorite bottles anymore!

The bar globe can be turned by the meridian when it´s open and closed. This means you can observe the beautiful map image from every position. The map is recreated by antique maps of the 16th. century and designed with infinite details. The wooden meridian works as lever for the upper sphere. In there can be stored up to 9 glasses and 2-3 bottles. The storage shelves are ornamented with a compass rose (beneath) and drawings (above). The Giasone globe bar will give every living room or saloon a classy and traditional atmosphere. Do you have precious liquors? So then present them in a valuable bar globe liek this one!

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