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Binoculars General Series BN

For the passionate water sports enthusiast.


On board a modern yacht you need professional equipment that meets the highest standards. The modern MINOX marine binoculars offer the user high-tech and precision for an outstanding viewing experience.

Designed to meet the extreme demands of water sports and maritime navigation, the MINOX nautical series offers the highest level of brilliance, brightness, contrast and resolution. Designed and manufactured with the greatest attention to detail, all MINOX marine binoculars offer robustness and reliability, clarity and natural colour reproduction.

Differences within the BN nautical range

MINOX offers the BN nautical range in a variety of configurations. We would like to briefly introduce you to the differences.

·        BN 7x50 / BN 7x50 C
The BN 7x50 represents the starting point of the standard class within the nautical range. Equipped with porro prisms, it offers very high light transmission, combined with an extremely plastic image. The housing ensures safe handling and is waterproof to a depth of five metres. The BN 7x50 C model is additionally equipped with an analogue compass and analogue reticle.

·        BN 7x50 DC
These binoculars combines everything that sailors and water sports enthusiasts need: high functionality, perfect visibility, quick orientation and outstanding ergonomics. The BN 7x50 DC is equipped with a digital compass and tilt function for determining the height or distance of observed objects.

·        BN 7x50 DCM
The flagship of the nautical range impresses with its innovative extras. At the touch of a button, a central multifunction display provides all the important information needed at sea. The advantage: both the object you are observing and the compass display always remain at the centre of your attention.

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