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Binoculars General Series MeoRange HD

Designed for hunting in mountain terrain.

MeoRange HD

The high-performance optics convince with brilliant, bright and razor-sharp images. The MeoRange laser rangefinder enables rangefinding of up to 1,500 m in a matter of seconds. Other features include barometer, inclinometer, thermometer and compass. Having these crucial elements in one hand is a clear advantage for being on target.

Differences between the MeoRange HD Basic and Advanced

Common rangefinder functions of the Basic and Advanced models:

·        Distance
 fast and accurate measurement from 10 to 1,500 metres

·        Angle of inclination
 clear indication of the shooting angle for your target

·        Compass
 reliable orientation in the terrain relative to your target

Additional features of the Advanced model:

·        Corrected distance
 the measured line of sight distance is corrected by the position angle for quick and accurate sight adjustments

·        Thermometer
exact temperature - clear and easy to read

·        Barometer
determines the atmospheric pressure for most accurate shooting

·        Bluetooth interface
extends the functionality of your binoculars in conjunction with suitable apps on your mobile devices

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