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Binoculars General Series Noctivid

For an unparalleled viewing experience.


Overcoming boundaries

More than a century of experience in the development of optical devices, microscopes and cameras culminates in a new family of Leica premium binoculars: the Noctivid binoculars. Compact in size, stylish and elegant, yet incredibly robust and durable.

Highlights of the Noctivid series

High contrast, brillant and razor sharp

In terms of optical values, the Noctivid combines the best of innovative and proven technologies.

Various technologies and innovative concepts

The latest optical calculations in sophisticated combination with state-of-the-art baffles and the highest quality glass materials ensure an image plasticity that appears almost 3D. Superior contrasts and an uncompromising large depth of field, fast focussing, the wide eye relief and the generous eyepieces give you a new way of viewing.

Rugged and resilient, can therefore be used in any situation

These binoculars set new standards in their design. The slim binoculars can be held with one hand. Thanks to their short overall length, the weight is ideally balanced and rests mostly in the palm of the hand and thus enables fatigue-free viewing.

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