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Binoculars General Series Fusion 1 Mile ARC

Binoculars and rangefinder united in perfection.

Fusion 1 Mile ARC

When you combine the best binoculars with the best laser rangefinder in the world, you get the Fusion. Every detail is magnified rich in contrast, and the entire field of view is incredibly clear. Of course, the optics and the BaK-4 prisms are multi-coated. At the touch of a button, the exact distance to your target of between 10 and 1,760 yards or 10 and 1,600 meters is displayed. The built-in ARC bow and rifle modes provides you with the necessary horizontal distance, as well as bullet drop and hold-over information.

Our new Matrix Display technology, RainGuard ® HD anti-fog coating and a fully waterproof design offer reliability and clarity in all conditions. You have probably the best Bushnell device in your hands, and it does exactly what you want.

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