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Omegon Handyscope 10-20x30

Product no.: 45169
Manufacturer: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Handyscope 10-20x30
Omegon Handyscope 10-20x30
Omegon Handyscope 10-20x30
Omegon Handyscope 10-20x30
Omegon Handyscope 10-20x30
Omegon Handyscope 10-20x30
Omegon Handyscope 10-20x30
Omegon Handyscope 10-20x30

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Product description:

The premium pocket mini-spotting scope - So you can be always at the ready on the trail

You know how it goes in the countryside: Suddenly, you see a bird or a deer in a thicket of trees and now you want a closer view. Nothing could be simpler with Omegon's premium Mini-spotting scope. It is so small that it fits into any jacket pocket.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • always ready to use - a pocket spotting scope only 152mm long
  • premium optics with 9 lens elements: bright, sharp images right out to the edge
  • zoom eyepiece: step-less 10X to 20X magnification
  • enjoyable viewing and wide eye lens with 16mm of eye relief
  • rubber coating, providing a firm grip for observing
  • 3 meters near focus to allow observation of small, nearby subjects
  • tripod adapter - fits and tripod with a ¼" connector

Only the size of your palm - and always at the ready

A fantastic observing opportunity in the countryside always comes when you least expect it. You usually don't have a spotting scope with you. Why? Because spotting scopes are often heavy and cumbersome. The solution is the Omegon mini spotting scope. It is only 152mm long, about the size of your palm, and fits in any pocket. Now you are ready for those great unexpected observing opportunities, wherever you are!

Premium optics - Extremely sharp images in virtually any conditions

Looking through this mini telescope, you enjoy ultra-clear, high-contrast images. That is thanks to an optical assembly with 9 lens elements and a prism system. All optical elements are vapour-coated with a green multi-coating involving several layers.

The advantage is that you will see a clear image right out to the edge of the field of view, which remains bright even in dim lighting conditions.

Zoom eyepiece with 10- to 20X magnification

When observing small songbirds in the treetops or wildlife at a great distance, you often simply cannot get close enough for a good view.

The step-less zoom magnification of the mini-spotting scope is invaluable here. You can look through the eyepiece and simultaneously change the magnification. You will see animals, mountains, ships, or anything else you want to look at in all their detail.

Extreme near focus limit lets you observe at only 3 meters

Observing things at close range can also be interesting. Imagine a wren, one of our smallest birds. It is perhaps only 5 meters away, but can be difficult to see properly. At 20X magnification, however, you will see an immense amount of detail. It will seem as though you are observing the tiny bird from only 25cm away.

Targeted - handy for target shooting

The mini-spotting scope is very practical for sports shooting. After all, not everyone wants to cart around a bulky tripod. The fantastic contrast from the optics means can see even small holes in your target.

Ready for your next observing session? With the Omegon mini-spotting scope in your pocket you will never miss another exciting moment.

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