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Smart Telescope S 152/335 Origin Intelligent Home Observatory

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  • Very fast astrograph with f/2.2
  • Smartphone controls
  • Power supply via integrated rechargeable battery
  • Portable for mobile use
  • Sturdy stainless steel tripod

Product description

More about the series RASA...

Celestron Origin combines sky observation and astrophotography into a user-friendly experience. EAA (Electronically Aided/Assisted Astronomy) combines astrophotography with live observation of the sky. Celestron Origin captures the beauty of celestial objects and transmits them wirelessly to a tablet, smartphone or even a TV screen.

Celestron Origin is a revolutionary telescope system designed from the ground up. It builds on Celestron's long tradition and experience and makes astronomy more accessible, exciting and fun than ever before!

Celestron Origin represents a paradigm shift in sky observation and astrophotography alike. While the telescope directs the starlight onto the integrated camera, intelligent algorithms automatically process the previously captured images. The sum of the many individual images results in an astrophoto with a favourable signal-to-noise ratio - live during observation: a breathtaking image is gradually created on your display, in colour and with a high level of detail!

Camera in primary focus f/2.2:

  • Sony IMX178LQJ colour sensor, back-illuminated
  • Diagonal 8.92mm
  • Pixel size: 2.4µm x 2.4µm
  • Resolution: 3096 x 2080 ( 6.44 MP)
  • Field of view: 1.27° x 0.85°

Electronics and power supply:

  • Ports: Ethernet: One on the optical tube | AUXILIARY PORTS: Two on the optical tube, four on the mount
  • Control system electronics: Onboard computer: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
  • USB: Two USB-A ports on the optical tube for accessing raw image files for external processing, one port on the mount for charging mobile devices
  • Integrated LiFePO4 battery, 97.9 Wh, with an operating time of more than 6 hours
  • Cooling: One fan for the optics, one fan for the electronics, both draw air through wire mesh vents

RASA stands for Rowe-Ackermann-Schmidt-Astrograph:

The patented RASA optics are the centrepiece of the Celestron Origin. In the RASA design, the image sensor is located at the front of the telescope (primary focus). This results in an extremely fast f/2.2 system with an exceptionally large field of view and sharp images right to the edge. Celestron has developed 6-inch RASA optics for the Origin. Celestron has developed 6-inch RASA optics especially for the Origin.

Thanks to the RASA optics, the Origin is in a class of its own. It outperforms other smart telescopes by far! Compared to a smaller telescope with a slower focal ratio, a RASA collects more light in the same amount of time. The unique combination of fast optics and large aperture is the big advantage of the RASA design.

StarSense technology and Origin application

Setting up the Celestron Origin is child's play. StarSense technology makes sure of that. Place the Origin under the starry sky, switch it on and connect it to the app. In less than two minutes, the Origin will focus itself, scan the night sky and orientate itself to the stars. It compares the stars with its internal database.

The Celestron Origin app offers an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation through the night sky. Use the planetarium view, hold your device up to the sky and look around in "compass mode". Then simply tap on any object you want to see. Try the "Tonight's Best" list, where Origin displays stunning galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and more - based on your exact location and time of observation.

Origin precisely centres the desired target in the field of view as soon as you select it. Switch to the camera view and press "Start Imaging". The recording of 10-second exposures begins. It couldn't be easier! You can see in real time how the summarised photos show more and more details. As the Origin works, it continuously tracks the sky and adjusts the in-built dew protection system and fans to the environmental conditions to keep the optics at the optimum temperature.

A shared experience:

With the Origin, no one has to wait their turn to look through the eyepiece. Several people can connect to the Origin and view the image on their own devices. In addition, Origin enables the live feed to be transmitted to a smart TV or the astrophotos to be saved and shared immediately.

Functions for advanced users:

You can take advantage of more advanced features and capabilities as your interest in your hobby grows. For example, Origin has a built-in filter drawer that accepts common 1.25" and 2" filters. This allows the installation of optional astronomical filters. These are particularly useful when capturing nebulae in light-polluted environments, such as typical suburban gardens.

Advanced image editing is also possible. Unlike other systems, Origin saves all raw images. Import them into your favourite image editing software via USB.

How about having Origin working for you while you sleep? No problem with the scheduled observations feature. Just let the application know which objects you want to observe. And when you wake up, you'll be awakened by spectacular images.

A telescope for day and night:

In addition to astronomical objects, the Origin can also photograph terrestrial objects. This works by day and by night. During the day, the telescope can be swivelled manually. This allows landscapes and scenery to be captured. At night, the Origin's sensitive camera allows objects to be observed in very low ambient light, almost like a night vision camera.

It not only matters which telescope you buy but also where you buy it. Our additional services:

  • We are a leading telescope dealer and know the devices we sell. Our customer service team will gladly help you after your purchase if you have problems with assembly or operation.
  • We provide a copy of the 80-page Telescope ABC beginners handbook with every telescope.
  • We also provide an edition of the exciting astronomy magazine, “Sterne und Weltraum” with each telescope.



Type of build
Smart Telescopes
Aperture (mm)
Focal length (mm)
Aperture ratio (f/)
Resolving capacity
Limit value (mag)
Light gathering capacity
Tube weight (kg)
tube diameter (mm)
Tube length (mm)
Starbright XLT


Ventilation for central mirror


Type of build


Type of build
Single tine
Mounting type
Mounting saddle
Weight (kg)
GoTo control
Battery compartment
yes (Battery solidly mounted)
Battery life (h)

GoTo control

Celestron Origin APP
with hand paddle


Tripod leg diameter (mm)
Accessory plate
Weight (kg)

Included accessories

Dew Shield
Carrying handle
Transport cases
Power pack
Tube clamps



Area of application

Moon & Planets
Nature Observation
Nebulae & galaxies
no (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

Recommended for


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Celestron Smart Telescope S 152/335 Origin Intelligent Home Observatory
Sony IMX178LQ
Celestron Smart Telescope S 152/335 Origin Intelligent Home Observatory
Celestron Smart Telescope S 152/335 Origin Intelligent Home Observatory
Example image 1

Celestron Smart Telescope S 152/335 Origin Intelligent Home Observatory

Example image 2

Celestron Smart Telescope S 152/335 Origin Intelligent Home Observatory

Typical application 1

Celestron Smart Telescope S 152/335 Origin Intelligent Home Observatory

Typical application example 2

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