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Achim Mros

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Omegon polarscope additional light for Omegon MiniTrack mounts as well as EQ5, LX85, AVX etc.

October 5 2023, Achim Mros

We all know the problem – the black lines and crosshairs on a polarscope reticle can be difficult or impossible to see at night. Like a “Chimney Sweep at Night against a Black Background” (a painting by the German comedian Karl Valentin).
With this high-quality Omegon polarscope light, such problems are a thing of the past. The dimmable lighting unit brightens the polarscope’s field of view slightly, so that the crosshair is visible once again in front of your chosen section of the night sky, without outshining important stars such as, in this case, Polaris.
The Omegon polarscope light is made of high-quality CNC-machined aluminium, so it is not yet another flimsy plastic part. They are produced in the EU, more precisely in Portugal, by NIMAX Portugal.
What is particularly interesting, however, is that this supplementary illumination has a variety of uses. It fits all Omegon MiniTrack LX and Quattro travel mounts with optical polar finderscopes.

Attached to an Omegon MiniTrack polarscope

This device can also be used with mounts that do not have an illuminated polar finderscope unit, for example:

Skywatcher EQ5
Meade LX85
Celestron AVX

and with other equatorial mounts with an optical polar finderscope.

Omegon polarscope light on a Skywatcher EQ5 mount

Omegon DigiStar: The easy way to make small things really big.

January 7 2020, Achim Mros

With 4.3″ LCD display


This digital reflected-light microscope offers really good observing possibilities. The ease of use and the fascinating observation results are absolutely amazing. The tiniest subjects such as minerals, minute creatures, electronic assemblies, coins and much more are reproduced, highly magnified, on the 4.3″ display. Here you get a device that offers lots of fun for a very reasonable price.

Images can be saved onto an optional SD card and processed on a PC. Even short demo videos are possible. The aluminium stand is of high quality and neatly finished. The actual microscope head with LCD display is raised and lowered using the rack and pinion drive. The closer you lower the LCD head to the sample, the higher the magnification. You can adjust the focus using the control dial under the display. A full magnification of 200x can be achieved manually in this way. If that’s still not enough, you can digitally increase this in two steps up to 600x by using the two arrow keys under the display. The eight super-bright LEDs ensure that the sample is perfectly illuminated. Of course, the brightness is infinitely adjustable.

The built-in battery is charged using a power supply plug. The microscope can therefore be used outdoors for many hours, far away from any power source.