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New in January: Taurus-Dobsons, APOs by Vixen, solar telescopes by DayStar, Atik Horizon cameras and a high-end mount by iOptron

January 12 2018, Stefan Taube

This year, too, we would like to present a small selection of items to you every month that we have recently included in the range:

  1. Taurus Dobson N 304/1500 T300 telescope

Taurus T300

Telescopes by Taurus have recently been added to our shop. The Dobson T300 with a 12-inch aperture is the first model that we would like to present to you. Other models will follow in coming days. The  Dobson T300 telescope has a wire-mesh tube, which means it’s easy to transport and can be set up without tools in just a few minutes. The entire system weighs just 15.9 kg, and the heaviest part weighs only 9.6 kg.

Unlike what you can see in the picture, the telescope does not come with a finder or an eyepiece. It does, however, come with a scattered light protector. It also comes with a high-quality 2” Crayford eyepiece holder with support.

The Dobson telescopes by Taurus are developed and made in Poland. We are pleased to be able to offer these telescopes to you now!


  1. Vixen AP 81/625 SD81S apochromatic refractor

Vixen SD81S

For those who prefer to take photographs, instead of exploring the night sky with their eyes alone, should make use of an apochromatic lens. The Japanese manufacture, Vixen, is offering three new models that have different lens diameters: SD81S, SD103S and SD115S.

The recently designed lens element with FPL-53 glass reduces chromatic aberrations to such an extent that they are barely detectable, ensuring an extremely clear and sharp picture! These three APOs are ideal for photography with DSLR cameras with full-format sensors.


  1. DayStar ST 60/930 SolarScout Carbon H-Alpha chromosphere solar telescope

DayStar SolarScout 60

The American company, DayStar, specialises in instruments for observing the sun. With the SolarScout 60, DayStar is adding another solar telescope to its SolarScout series. The telescope has an integrated QUARK H-Alpha filter.

When you buy this telescope, you are getting a finely tuned system that comprises optics, etalon filter and helical focusing with which you can enjoy observing and photographing the sun in H-Alpha light without risk!

Thanks to the light carbon tube, you can place SolarScout telescopes on a small mount. The integrated solar finder will help you to effortlessly and safely align the optics with the sun.


  1. Atik Horizon mono camera

Atik Horizon

This is the first camera by Atik with a CMOS sensor – the future of sensor technology. In this case, it is a 16-megapixel Panasonic MN34230. The small pixel size of 3.8 µm means high resolution and makes the camera interesting for short focal length apochromatic lenses and photo lenses. The integrated cooling system brings the camera down to 40° C below the ambient temperature. With the quiet electronics and the USB 3.0 port, the Atik Horizon is ideal for shots of weak nebulae with long exposure times.

Like the Atik Infinity, the Atik Horizon is also ideal for live stacking. This significant trend ensures more fun doing astrophotography and publicity work at observatories.

You will, of course, receive both an Atik Horizon and a colour camera. This colour variant saves you from having to use colour filters.


  1. iOptron CEM120 GoTo mount

iOptron CEM120

We have had good experience with the mounts by iOptron in recent years. They are long-established in the USA, and are now becoming more popular across the pond. iOptron is now putting a mount on the market that features a load capacity of over 50 kg for observatories: The CEM120 GoTo mount.

The design is reminiscent of the tried and tested CEM60 GoTo that has a load-bearing capacity of half that. The polar wedge of both mounts is supported in the centre of gravity, thereby achieving a high level of stability with low weight.

For those who are planning a garden observatory or a new acquisition for a club observatory, the CEM120 GoTo should be seriously considered. Speak to us, and we’ll be happy to advise you!

The AZ Pro mount from iOptron: GoTo made easy!

July 11 2016, Stefan Taube

iOptron simply calls it “level and go”, and refers to the very simple routine for aligning the AZ Pro mount in the sky. With this latest innovation, viewing the sky with a computer controlled mount is almost as spontaneously possible as it is with a Dobsonian telescope: No need to exert yourself by going through an arduous procedure, until you can finally start observing!

iOptron Mount AZ Pro GoTo

iOptron Mount AZ Pro GoTo

Just place the AZ Pro mount down horizontally – the integrated spirit level helps you to do so – and switch it on. With the integrated GPS and the sensors, the mount will automatically recognize date, time, location and orientation. Just give the computer approximately two minutes, the mount will then move to a bright object in the sky. Then centre the object in your eyepiece. There is even no need to know the name of the object, a fact that is particularly convenient in twilight. It goes to show how quickly and simply the mount is to align to the sky! You can now choose your observation targets from a huge database, to be sought out by the mount.

With its compact form, the retractable counter weight bar and the stable aluminium housing the AZ Pro mount from iOptron is an ideal travel mount. With the integrated GPS, the “level and go” routine can be executed at any point around the globe. The mount comes with an installed lithium-ion powerpack, suitable for 10 hours running. No need to take another power supply with you, which reduces any additional cable chaos.

Another positive aspect is the smooth and quiet running of the stepper motors. Your neighbours will be grateful!

The AZ Pro has admittedly been optimized for mobile use, but is still a high quality mount, able to carry large aperture telescopes for visual observation. For photographic purposes this mount can be used for moon and planet photography.

In the field of portable, azimuthal GoTo-mounts the AZ Pro from iOptron currently meets the highest standard.

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