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ScopeDome: Educational observatory for a Romanian secondary school

May 22 2018, Marcus Schenk

Virgin forests, vast landscapes and fantastic views. And right in the middle of it: a brand-new observatory for a school. Our latest dome project takes us to Romania to the town of Baia Mare.

This mining town is situated in the north of Romania on the edge of the East Carpathian Mountains. To find out why this observatory is so special to us, read this article.

Sternwarte in Rumänien

The dream project: Observatories

Astroshop along with  ScopeDome GmbH built a 3-m observatory upon a secondary school. This school is to serve as an example, considering school observatories are rare in the country. Romania is still comparably poor, and schools don’t usually have money for this kind of project.

But this is what we’re particularly proud of: Our Romanian colleague, Raul, took part personally in this observatory, was a supporter and one of the sponsors. The project finally became a reality.

Die Basis des Observatoriums

3-m ScopeDome on the roof

The dome is placed on the school building perfectly framed on an observation platform. The panoramic view is amazing. The observatory will be operational soon and will easily enable the school pupils to become familiar with astronomy. Laying, hopefully, the foundation for a life-long fascination with the Universe.

Die ScopeDome Kuppel mit Tür

Der geöffnete Kuppelspalt

The internal workings of the observatory

While a few observers are already focused on the night sky, the tour then goes into the dome. The highlight: A Celestron C8 with a Skywatcher EQ-8 mount on a column. The project was initiated by Prof. Lucian Stoyan. The observatory is now ready, and the pupils are looking forward to interesting observation sessions and exciting astronomy projects. They are, however, also looking to the near future: Next year, the Celestron C8 will be exchanged for a 14-inch RC telescope. Another dream that is about to come true.

Das Teleskop im Inneren der Sternwarte

The city of Baia Mare

Baia Mare is in northern Romania – a place of 124,000 inhabitants  on the edge of the Eastern Carpathian Mountains. Many official buildings have been renovated, but there are many old and crumbling buildings. Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, Baia Mare is considered one of the most picturesque places in Romania.

Das Observatorium auf dem Schulgebäude

PS: Do you have such a dream, too? An observatory with a fixed telescope – which means astronomy at any time, and on the fly. Manual or fully automatic with remote control: We can make your dreams become reality, too. Simply contact us and, we’ll be pleased to have a chat with you.

Impressions of Astroshop’s ScopeDome Construction in Paisley, Scotland

July 18 2017, Joshua Taboga

Astroshop was in Paisley, Scotland, to construct a 3-Meter ScopeDome Observatory.

Paisley - 1

Reaching the property was a challenge.  Several pieces of the observatory had to be carried across the adjacent golf course.

Paisley - 3

The observatory was one of the few that the team mounted onto a wooden base.  The column for the telescope was, of course, installed separate from the base.

Paisley - 4 Paisley - 5

Paisley - 6 Paisley - 7

Impressions of Astroshop’s ScopeDome Construction in Bad Liebenwerda, Germany

July 5 2017, Joshua Taboga

Astroshop was in Bad Liebenwerda, Germany, to construct a 4 meter ScopeDome observatory.

 Bad Liebenwerda - 1  Bad Liebenwerda - 2  Bad Liebenwerda - 3  Bad Liebenwerda - 5 Bad Liebenwerda - 4

The building’s stature provided an excellent view of the horizon.

 Bad Liebenwerda - 6  Bad Liebenwerda - 7 Bad Liebenwerda - 10 Bad Liebenwerda - 9 Bad Liebenwerda - 8 Bad Liebenwerda - 12 Bad Liebenwerda - 11

The 4 meter ScopeDome observatory found a home at a private building at the Reiss GmbH headquarters.

 Bad Liebenwerda - 13 Bad Liebenwerda - 14  Bad Liebenwerda - 15 Bad Liebenwerda - 19 Bad Liebenwerda - 17 Bad Liebenwerda - 16 Bad Liebenwerda - 18 Bad Liebenwerda - 20

The primary instrument was mounted onto a stable concrete pillar, which reaches beyond the height of the building and is anchored into the ground.

 Bad Liebenwerda - 22 Bad Liebenwerda - 25 Bad Liebenwerda - 23 Bad Liebenwerda - 24 Bad Liebenwerda - 26

Impressions of Astroshop’s ScopeDome Construction in Koszalin, Poland

June 26 2017, Joshua Taboga

Astroshop was in Polen, to construct a ScopeDome observatory for the city of Koszalin.  The city observatory was the result of a citizen initiative.


cache_27626307 cache_27626309

cache_27626310 cache_27626312

cache_27626313 cache_27626318 cache_27626316

The 5.5 meter ScopeDome observatory houses a 16 inch GSO RC on a EQ 8.

cache_27626319 cache_27626320 cache_27626315 cache_27626314

cache_27626322 cache_27626321

After finishing construction, the second phase started to install the primary instruments, as well as other equipment.


cache_27626324 cache_27626331 cache_27626325 cache_27626330

cache_27626328 cache_27626326 cache_27626329

The Observatory is regularly visited and provides astronomy enthusiasts a welcome and well-known point of contact in Koszalin and the broader region.

Work on the dome and continued use has been well documented on the organisation’s Facebook page.

Impressions from Construction of a ScopeDome Observatory in Adendorf, Germany

June 7 2017, Joshua Taboga

Astroshop was in Adendorf, Lower Saxony, to construct a 3 meter ScopeDome observatory under some special conditions.

Follow the process below of the observatory’s construction.  The images speak for themselves.






The observatory found a new home atop a private residence with a considerably steep roof.




The observatory will house an SC Optic Telescope with a 10″ diameter.





The special feature of this observatory is the use of two towers stacked on top each other, allowing the observatory to reach a height tall enough to clear the roof.



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