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Now available: Stargate Dobsonian with 508 millimetre mirror!

With Dobsonian telescopes its the size that matters! These telescopes serve the sole purpose of observation and not photography. The size of the light gathering mirror surface therefore is the decisive criterion. Dobsonian Telescopes from Skywatcher have been very popular for years. The Stargate series from Skywatcher stands for giant Dobsonians with light tube in metal truss tube design.

Telescopes with a high WOW factor!

The first model of this series was the Stargate-450P-Dobsonian, which we can currently offer for €4599.-. You save € 400.- compared with the recommended retail price!

Skywatcher Dobson telescope N 458/1900 StarGate-450P DOB

Skywatcher Dobson telescope N 458/1900 StarGate-450P DOB

New to this series is the currently added GoTo variant Stargate-450P with ynscan and its big brother: The Stargate-500P with Synscana GoTo telescope with an 0.5 meter primary mirror! In order to be able to fully utilize this big opening, you should be mobile: Two stargazers will be able to conveniently transport and assemble this giant sky eye quickly under a dark sky.

Make use of the night!

The Synscan GoTo system helps you to quickly focus on the desired object without having to search for a long time. For this purpose you can choose from more than 42,000 sky objects in the extensive Synscan database! The motors not only move to the object, they also keep it in the eyepiece. Neither of the two  Stargate series Synscan models needs to be manually guided to follow the rotation of the sky.


The possibility to move quickly from one object to the next and to make large panning movements in the sky is one of the major attractions of all Dobsonian telescopes. This is also no problem with the motorized Stargate models: Simply decouple the motor from the mount with a twist and you will be able tow slew the mount by hand: This is soundless, quick and prolongs the lifetime of the powerpack. Due to the installed Encoders the alignment will not be lost by such a manual movement. Even if you have moved the telescope by hand, the integrated computer will still know to which object the mirror had been aligned.

With the Stargate series Skywatcher offers portable Dobsonian telescopes in a new dimension. Use Stargate to enter into new galaxies!

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