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Omegon Panorama II 100° [Product Test]: The Experts Unveil Their Thoughts

Escape Earth!  If you have ever peered through a 100° eyepiece, you know the feeling of observing the cosmos without limits.  It’s as if you can find yourself a bit closer to the Universe.
The experience of such a feeling, to observe in such a way, has been made possible with our new  100° Panorama II Eyepieces. For any observer of course remains the question: What performance do these eyepieces offer?

The UK Magazine Sky at Night tested the Omegon Panorama 100° Eyepieces.  To our pleasure, they left an excellent impression!

Produkttest Omegon Panorama Okulare

The Panorama II 100° Eyepiece

Sky at Night: “Eyes even wider open”

In the May 2018 issue, the Astronomy magazine Sky at Night wrote extensively, how well the Panoramas have proven themselves in practice and awarded them with 4 out of 5 stars, with the addition of a hearty recommendation!

Two noteworthy quotes:

[… these Omegon Panorama II eyepieces will open up a whole new observing experience.]

[We enjoyed some wonderful views of the Moon and one clear night coincided with the appearance of the Lunar X and Lunar V that stood out stunningly using all four eyepieces.]


Auszeichnung Omegon Panorama

Read the entire article – free download – about the Omgon Panorama II Eyepieces.

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