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The Astromaster telescopes are equipped with a stable tubular steel tripod. The ergonomic design and high-quality optics will always delight!

The lens telescopes in the Astromaster series show the observed objects upright and right-sided. Therefore, they are suitable for both astronomy and nature-watching.

The Astromaster telescopes are available with an altazimuth mount with slipper clutch and a large clamping handle, as well as with an equatorial mount. The latter is especially recommended for astronomical observation, and can even be retrofitted with a motor for the right ascension axis.

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Product video: Astromaster EQ

EQ stands for equatorial mount. In such a mount, one axis is aligned parallel to the Earth’s axis. This is easy to do if you have a clear view of Polaris, otherwise you will need a compass.

The advantage of this mount design is that you only need to rotate one axis to compensate for celestial rotation in order to keep your chosen object steady in your field of view. In addition, you can better orient yourself with star charts with an equatorial mount.

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