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Celestron Telescope AC 70/900 Astromaster 70 AZ

Product no.: 7888
Manufacturer: Celestron

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Celestron Telescope AC 70/900 Astromaster 70 AZ
Celestron Telescope AC 70/900 Astromaster 70 AZ
Celestron Telescope AC 70/900 Astromaster 70 AZ
Celestron Telescope AC 70/900 Astromaster 70 AZ
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Product description:

This instrument is a very nice, extremely well made beginner's telescope. The high quality of the optical elements employed offers an unusually sharp, high-contrast image for this class of telescope. The permanently mounted red dot finder allows you to quickly and easily find object you wish to observe. The 1.25" rack and pinion focuser lets you smoothly adjust the focus. The telescope is ideal for the natural watching and terrestrial observing as well as for astronomical applications such as lunar and planetary observing. The OTA fixes onto the mount using the usual dovetail rail. The instrument can be completely assembled within a few minutes, without any specialist knowledge and without needing any tools.

The AC 70 telescope:

With its 70mm aperture, this telescope gathers 100X more light than the naked eye and significantly more light than the slightly smaller 60mm aperture typical of a beginner's telescope. This means it also has a higher resolution and, with its maximum magnification of 140X, can show you detail on the large planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. The cratered landscape of the Moon is also well worth observing, and you can watch this changing with the different lighting conditions arising from the different phases. Fascinating nature watching during daylight hours is also made possible by adding an erecting lens or an Amici prism. Focusing is carried out by means of an adjustment knob on the rack and pinion focuser. This allows the focusing sharpness to be always precisely set and for it to remain fixed during observing.

This is also a useful acquisition for advanced astronomers or when changing to a more powerful system as the optics are well suited for use as a guide scope which can be mounted on top of a larger telescope and used to take pictures or to guide with.

The Celestron AZ mount:

This altazimuth mount is sufficient for telescopes of up to 3kg total weight. A handle is used to move the mount by hand and align and fix it on any object. The height-adjustable, completely preassembled tripod has tubular 1.25" diameter steel legs and provides a stable and vibration-free platform for mount and telescope. You can keep all your important accessories on the tray provided and so always have them close at hand.

Included with the mount:

  • AZ altazimuth mount
  • adjustable tubular steel tripod
  • accessory tray

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