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Celestron Telescope AC 90/1000 Astromaster 90 CG-3

Product no.: 7891
Manufacturer: Celestron

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Celestron Telescope AC 90/1000 Astromaster 90 CG-3
Celestron Telescope AC 90/1000 Astromaster 90 CG-3
Celestron Telescope AC 90/1000 Astromaster 90 CG-3
Celestron Telescope AC 90/1000 Astromaster 90 CG-3
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Manufacturer's product description:

This instrument is a very nice, extremely well made beginner's telescope. The high quality of the optical elements employed offers an unusually sharp, high-contrast image for this class of telescope. The permanently mounted red dot finder allows you to quickly and easily find object you wish to observe. The 1.25" rack and pinion focuser lets you smoothly adjust the focus. The telescope is ideal for the natural watching and terrestrial observing as well as for astronomical applications such as lunar and planetary observing. The OTA fixes onto the mount using the usual dovetail rail. The instrument can be completely assembled within a few minutes, without any specialist knowledge and without needing any tools.

Included in delivery:

  • Celestron AC 90/1000 OTA with 9mm aperture and 1000mm focal length
  • 20mm and 10mm (1.25") eyepieces
  • Red dot finder
  • 90° Amici prism (1.25")
  • dovetail mounting rail
  • 'The Sky level 1' software CD

The Celestron CG-3 mount:

This parallactic mount is sufficient for telescopes of up to approx. 5 kg total weight. Setting-circles on both axes allow the manual fine adjustment via sensitive flexible slow motion controls. In contrast to the slightly smaller CG-2 mount, both axes here equally robust and equipped with the same high-quality fine adjustment. The height-adjustable and completely preassembled tripod has tubular steel legs of 1.25" diameter and supports the mount and telescope stably and vibration-free. You can keep all your important accessories on the tray provided and so always have them close at hand. A motor for automatic tracking can be retrofitted to the right ascension axis, and is already included with the Astromaster MD models.

Included with the mount:

  • CG-3 parallactic mount
  • height-adjustable tubular steel tripod
  • accessory tray

Our expert comment:

The Astromaster Celestron AC 90/1000 EQ model and Celestron N 130/650 are both available as packages which include motor control for tracking in the right ascension axis. These particular variants can be recognized by the abbreviation 'MD' in the product name. Versions without motor control can be optionally fitted with a Celestron motor drive upgrade kit.

Variants without motors:

  • [cms: //shop/p_id 7891 = "AC 90/1000 EQ"]
  • [cms: //shop/p_id 7895 = "N 130 / 650 EQ"]

  1. Variants including motors:

  • [cms: //shop/p_id 15036 = "N 130 / 650 EQ-MD"]

(Eric Benesch)

The AstroMaster series is good value for money.

The built-in finder can be replaced by a better model at a later date: Sky Surfer

(Bernd Gährken)


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The practical accessory tray

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