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Video (with English subtitles): the Vaonis Vespera telescope – smart photos of nebulae and galaxies

March 20 2023, Marcus Schenk

Do you want to take pictures of objects from outer space, but with absolutely no effort?

Welcome to the world of a new generation of telescopes. In this video we introduce you to the Vaonis Vespera. With this device, you can take beautiful photos of the universe – really easily with your smartphone, an app and without much technical knowledge. We explain what smart telescopes are, the Vespera’s advantages and how you would use it in practice to observe the night sky.

Besides the telescope, the Singularity app is the central control unit and offers a simple and intuitive way to operate the telescope and take photos. In the video, you can follow a step-by-step demonstration of how to activate the telescope and take photos of an object of your choice.

Watch the video and get a first impression!

Products used in the video:

Omegon APO 94mm

Vaonis Vespera

Vespera backpack

10×42 EclipSmart solar binoculars by Celestron

February 27 2023, Stefan Taube

In order to safely observe the Sun, you need certified special filters, which provide enough protection from its intensive radiation, including the high proportion of UV radiation. Such filters are available for various optical instruments and are placed in front of the lens.

In the 10×42 EclipSmart, the manufacturer, Celestron, has created binoculars with this filter already pre-installed.


The benefits are clear and easy to see:

  • The ergonomic binoculars are always close at hand and can be kept in your car, for example. They also fit easily in your luggage when travelling to see the next solar eclipse.
    Solar observers can routinely follow developments in sunspots.
  • The 10×42 binoculars’ optics are powerful enough to be used for this purpose. Mounted on a tripod, the binoculars can reveal their full strengths.
  • The inbuilt filter cannot accidentally fall off and is protected against damage. This is not only important for solar observers, but also for outreach work carried out by observatories.

The 10×42 EclipSmart binoculars are exclusively designed for solar observations. This is why they are listed in the shop as a solar telescope.

New: A monocular for nature lovers and explorers!

February 21 2023, Marcus Schenk

For everyone who likes to explore far away places when out walking, or to discover a bird or a deer. Omegon’s new monocular is the ideal companion for observations you never counted on making.

Thanks to its compact design, the Omegon monocular fits in your jacket pocket. This means you can use it whenever the opportunity presents itself.


The Omegon monocular is available in four versions:


What is special about this monocular?

All of these monoculars stand out from the crowd due to the following properties.

Powerful optics: The optics give you a clear, crisp image and, with an 8-degree visual field (at 8x magnification), provide a larger visual angle than many comparable monoculars. As a result, it convinces with impressive clarity, even at the edges. Tempering on glass surfaces comes as standard.

Robust for outdoor use: no plastic, full metal design. This feels good in your hand but also makes the monocular sturdy and durable. The nitrogen filling prevents internal misting on the lenses and guarantees fun observations in all weathers.

Easily accessible focusing: A large focusing ring at the front provides comfortable focusing. Usable even when wearing gloves.

These are only some of the many advantages of the new Omegon monocular. Astonishing that, despite the high quality, it has a low price tag. Are you interested in observing using compact instruments? You can find out more about the 8×3210×328x32ED or 10x32ED on the product pages.


New: CQ350 Skywatcher mount with high load capacity!

February 9 2023, Stefan Taube

In the CQ350, Skywatcher has created a heavy mount, which is still suitable for mobile astronomy. Thanks to its load capacity, it sits between the smaller EQ6-R and the larger EQ8-R.

The CQ350 is equally well suited for astrophotography in your own garden as it is for observatories; and thus represents an excellent compromise between mobile and stationary use.


Summary of key features:

  • Load capacity up to 35 kilograms
  • State-of-the-art computer controls (GoTo) with SynScan V.5 hand control box
  • Integrated database containing 42,900 objects
  • Toothed belt drive for smooth operation without gear backlash
  • Dual dovetail clamp to accommodate all popular telescopes

This quietly operated mount is moved using belt drives with stepper motors in both axes (Encoder resolution: 55,193,600 counts/rev, 0.023 arcseconds). Its quiet operation and high slewing speed makes this mount even appeal to observatories with public guided tours.



The mount comes with counterweights and a tripod. However, the mount can also be purchased without a tripod if you want to use it in a fixed position in an observatory. You can find both versions here in our shop.

New binoculars from ZEISS: SFL series

December 15 2022, Stefan Taube

True lightweights among high-performance binoculars: ZEISS SFL

  • Ideal for observing birds and other animals!
  • Very lightweight and compact for nature walks!
  • Very high quality ZEISS lenses for lifelike colours and fine details!


With the ZEISS SFL binoculars (SmartFocus Lightweight) special moments can be easily experienced. The binoculars are optimised so that they are as lightweight and compact as possible.

The new ultra-high definition (UHD) concept provides lifelike colour reproduction and ultra high detail. Thanks to its SmartFocus design, the focusing wheel is perfectly positioned and enables fast precision focusing – even when wearing gloves.

The optimised ergonomics and a large exit pupil provide a relaxed, undisturbed view.

The binoculars are available in the following versions:



New mount from Skywatcher: the AZ-GTiX WiFi

December 5 2022, Stefan Taube

Skywatcher is introducing a new mount from the AZ-GTi series. These altazimuth mounts feature:

  • Low weight and compact design
  • Motorisation with computer control (GoTo)
  • Integrated WLAN to connect to a smartphone or tablet

The new version, the AZ-GTiX WiFi, offers a higher load capacity and two saddle plates for mounting two instruments, for example a telescope and a camera, side-by-side.


The AZ-GTiX mount can be used with any sufficiently-large camera tripod with a 3/8-inch photo thread. Skywatcher also offers the mount in a set with a tripod: AZ-GTiX WiFi with tripod.

The AZ-GTiX mount has a built-in WLAN module so you can control it wirelessly using a smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is install the free SynScan app for iOS or Android. Using its servo motors, the mount slews the telescope to any of the 10,000 celestial objects that you can select via the app.

All mounts in the AZ-GTi series can be found here in our shop.

The PrimaLuceLab experience

November 24 2022, Jan Ströher

PrimaLuceLab, the Italian manufacturer from Porcia, specialises in high-end astronomy accessories. Products includes the high-quality PLUS range of prism rails, support rings and clamps, together with adapters, guiding systems, radio telescopes and a variety of products for holistic astrophotography solutions. PrimaLuceLab’s aspiration is to make astrophotography uncomplicated and accessible for all – this aspiration is fully realised with their specially developed PLAY software and their EAGLE, ECCO, ARCO, GIOTTO and SESTO SENSO series of products. The aim is to create a complete package that functions as simply as possible and makes the technology behind astrophotography as convenient for all users as it can be: a PrimaLuceLab experience, so to say.

PrimaLuceLab EAGLE control unit

When combined with the PLAY software, this system comprising various PrimaLuceLab products offers a complete set-up for all telescope models, regardless of brand. The PLAY software is very clear, user-friendly, offers an all-in-one solution with full ASCOM compatibility and works providing you use at least an ESATTO micro focuser or the SESTO SENSO 2. Instead of various software applications, you have everything combined in one clear and simple solution – indeed the name PLAY suggests the simplicity of the application – which allows even beginners to engage in astrophotography in an uncomplicated (yes, playful) and yet immediately successful manner. All other PrimaLuceLab products can be controlled using this software.

The ESATTO micro focuser

Functionality and technology are continuously tested and further developed by PrimaLuceLab. Products are always checked in the in-house workshop before they are sent to the warehouse or prepared for shipment. I was able to see this for myself during a visit to the company in October 2022. There, the founder and president of PrimaLuceLab, Filippo Bradaschia, gave me a live demonstration of the PLAY software functionality using a complete set-up comprising a Sky Watcher AZ/EQ5 mount, a cooled QHY163 monochrome camera, PrimaLuceLab EAGLE/ARCO/SESTO SENSO products, together with a Sharpstar 80mm apochromatic refractor. I was impressed by the overview of the operation as well as the functionality! The software even replaces the mount’s hand-held control. Filippo Bradaschia compares this to buying an Apple©™product: PrimaLuceLab offers you a complete experience and ensures that the individual components are all compatible with one another: the PrimaLuceLab experience!

Back in stock: Baader FlipMirror II

November 9 2022, Stefan Taube

Multiple faces – multiple uses

Baader’s multi-purpose flip mirror is back in stock! In combination with its level camera connector, the FlipMirror II offers a third connector, ideal for accessories such as off-axis guiders or calibration lamps for spectrographs.



The FlipMirror II can be permanently mounted on the telescope as its optical finish is comparable to that of a high-quality zenith mirror. The flip mirror can also be used for visual observation.

Why do you need a flip mirror?

Unfortunately, every telescope only has one connector on the eyepiece side despite there being a large range of accessories that you may want to connect: eyepieces, cameras, off-axis guiders, guiding eyepieces, spectrographs and many more. For astrophotography and spectroscopy, these components need to be mounted at the same time.

The FlipMirror II provides more opportunities for this than other flip mirrors and it also provides solid screw adaptors. This is why multiple thread adapters are included amongst the accessories.



Hold the stars in your hand – the new Vaonis Vespera!

October 18 2022, Elias Erdnüß

The impressive Vaonis Stellina arrived on the market 3 years ago. With its fully-automatic alignment, autofocus, live stacking and app-based controls, it more than deserves the title of smart telescope!

Now the Vaonis is upping the ante… The new Vespera is a miniature version of the tried and tested concept. With a weight of just 5kg, this new observing station is more compact and more mobile than its alternatives. The Vespera can be taken anywhere quickly and at the drop of a hat. As with the Stellina, alignment takes place automatically using plate solving. Select your desired object for observation from the singularity app – the telescope finds the target and starts imaging. Watch on your smartphone or tablet as the celestial object becomes clearer, more colourful and more contrast-rich, minute after minute, whilst the Vespera collects more and more light using live stacking.

The Vespera also provides even better value for money than its predecessor thanks to its reduced size! Yet its optics still meet the highest possible standards. The in-built 50/200 (f/4) quadruplet apochromat in combination with the modern Sony IMX462 sensor provide high-quality astronomical images. Share these with friends and family!

Order here now!

A change of scenery: Astroshop now has a new design

October 13 2022, Stefan Taube

If you are one of our long-standing customers, you have probably already noticed that we have modernised our online shop.

The new shop is actually the fourth in our 20+ year history. Our last complete overhaul was 13 years ago, so a change of scenery was long overdue. With our new design, we are responding to technological developments as well as to the changing demands of online shopping.

What’s changed?

  • The design is more contemporary and more clearly laid out
  • The layout adapts to the device used, no matter whether that’s a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • More content can be accessed by scrolling, so fewer clicks are required
  • A link to the magazine, our comprehensive library of information about practical astronomy, is now in the header next to the shop

What doesn’t change?

Well, that’s easy: the many advantages you enjoy as an Astroshop customer:

  • Personal advice and service with our own specialist workshop
  • Fast, reliable delivery from Europe’s largest warehouse for telescopes and accessories
  • Fair prices thanks to the direct import of many brands and our proven best price guarantee

What do you think of the new design? We look forward to receiving your feedback and will definitely bear this in mind as we continually develop our shop.

For all nostalgia fans we have put together screenshots of all the previous versions of the shop:

Aus der Frühgeschichte


Astroshop im Mittelalter


Astroshop in der Neuzeit