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Archive for October 2022

Video: Solar observation with telescopes and filter tips (with English subtitles)

October 19 2022, Marcus Schenk

Want to observe the Sun? Welcome to the solar observation club!

In this video we show you how to easily observe the Sun, sunspots or solar prominences using your telescope. Additionally, you will learn which filters and what additional equipment you need for this. Finally, fantastic images of the Sun await you. A guide for beginners and other fans of our central star. Solar observation is fun!

But beware… Never observe the Sun without a suitable solar filter! And never leave children unattended with a telescope or binoculars near the Sun!

Good to know: We will have a partial solar eclipse on 25 October. Secure your solar filter and solar eclipse glasses now – our stocks are limited.

From the video:


  1. Take care when observing the Sun
  2. What you must consider
  3. The technique of white light observation
  4. What is it and what can you see?
  5. Which filter works for me?
  6. What to consider for solar lens filters
  7. Glass or foil and finding the correct filter size
  8. How to locate the Sun quickly in your telescope
  9. Herschel wedges for refracting telescopes
  10. Observing solar prominences and chromospheres
  11. Impressions of the Sun in H-alpha

Products shown in the video:


Omegon 45791 solar filter

Omegon ProNewton N 153/750 OTA

iOptron GEM28 GoTo LiteRoc mount

Baader AstroSolar solar eclipse glasses

Astrozap solar filter for external diameters of 232 to 238mm

Baader AstroSolar® OD 5.0 A4 210x297mm solar filter film

Baader AstroSolar ASTF 200mm telescope solar filter

Omegon 150mm solar filter

APM Herschel wedge 2″ FastLock

MEADE 2″ Herschel wedge with ND3 filter and ceramic plate

Omegon Pro APO AP 72/400 ED Quintuplet OTA apochromatic refracting telescope

Coronado ST 40/400 OTA PST Personal Solar Telescope

Coronado ST 40/400 0.5Å OTA PST Personal Solar Telescope

Daystar QUARK H-alpha solar filter, Chromosphere

Daystar QUARK H-alpha solar filter, Prominence

Hold the stars in your hand – the new Vaonis Vespera!

October 18 2022, Elias Erdnüß

The impressive Vaonis Stellina arrived on the market 3 years ago. With its fully-automatic alignment, autofocus, live stacking and app-based controls, it more than deserves the title of smart telescope!

Now the Vaonis is upping the ante… The new Vespera is a miniature version of the tried and tested concept. With a weight of just 5kg, this new observing station is more compact and more mobile than its alternatives. The Vespera can be taken anywhere quickly and at the drop of a hat. As with the Stellina, alignment takes place automatically using plate solving. Select your desired object for observation from the singularity app – the telescope finds the target and starts imaging. Watch on your smartphone or tablet as the celestial object becomes clearer, more colourful and more contrast-rich, minute after minute, whilst the Vespera collects more and more light using live stacking.

The Vespera also provides even better value for money than its predecessor thanks to its reduced size! Yet its optics still meet the highest possible standards. The in-built 50/200 (f/4) quadruplet apochromat in combination with the modern Sony IMX462 sensor provide high-quality astronomical images. Share these with friends and family!

Order here now!

A change of scenery: Astroshop now has a new design

October 13 2022, Stefan Taube

If you are one of our long-standing customers, you have probably already noticed that we have modernised our online shop.

The new shop is actually the fourth in our 20+ year history. Our last complete overhaul was 13 years ago, so a change of scenery was long overdue. With our new design, we are responding to technological developments as well as to the changing demands of online shopping.

What’s changed?

  • The design is more contemporary and more clearly laid out
  • The layout adapts to the device used, no matter whether that’s a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • More content can be accessed by scrolling, so fewer clicks are required
  • A link to the magazine, our comprehensive library of information about practical astronomy, is now in the header next to the shop

What doesn’t change?

Well, that’s easy: the many advantages you enjoy as an Astroshop customer:

  • Personal advice and service with our own specialist workshop
  • Fast, reliable delivery from Europe’s largest warehouse for telescopes and accessories
  • Fair prices thanks to the direct import of many brands and our proven best price guarantee

What do you think of the new design? We look forward to receiving your feedback and will definitely bear this in mind as we continually develop our shop.

For all nostalgia fans we have put together screenshots of all the previous versions of the shop:

Aus der Frühgeschichte


Astroshop im Mittelalter


Astroshop in der Neuzeit

Bargain store: special offers!

October 13 2022, Stefan Taube

You will find bargains in our shop from across our entire range by clicking on the link %SALE% .


These special offers are only valid while stocks last, so don’t miss out on a bargain!

Risk-free saving: all items in our bargain store are sold as new and all our usual services apply!