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Special offer: The popular SkyTracker with tripod and bag

Celestial photography with digital reflex camera is gaining in popularity Why not use your excellent photo equipment to photograph the night sky? There is a vast variety of photographic mounts available for this purpose. You convert your camera to an astronomical telescope, which is then tracks the rotation of the night sky.

iOptron Mount SkyTracker tracking unit for astrophotography, white

iOptron Mount SkyTracker tracking unit for astrophotography, white

A well proven and very popular photographic mount is the SkyTracker from iOptron. Just add this solid, compact accessory to your photo equipment and you are ready for taking photos of the night sky.

We now offer you the SkyTracker as a set with all necessary accessories: Ball head, tripod and tripod bag. The bag not only provides space for the tripod, but also for the SkyTracker and further accessories.

With the SkyTracker set you save €145.- when compared with the sum of all prices per item!

We will receive the SkyTracker set at the beginning of June from iOptron, USA. Reserve your SkyTracker set now for € 494.-!

You can choose from two colour variants: black or white.

Celestial photography with the digital reflex camera (DSLR) is an economical and very mobile variant in astrophotography, which quickly gives beginners the feeling of success.


By the way: We also offer DSLR and other system cameras which have been specially modified for astrophotography. These cameras are more sensitive in the red spectral range and thus much better for taking photos of emission nebulae.

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