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Black Weekend Sale: 100 products reduced by up to 70%!

November 27 2020, Anita Maier

Do you look for a good bargain for Christmas? Then you should seize the opportunity in our black weekend sales. These top prices are valid from Friday 27th till Monday 30th November 2020. Among these special offers you can be sure to find something to meet every budget.



Top Deals of Black Weekend:


Omegon Teleskop N 114/900 EQ-1

Omegon Telescope N 114/900 EQ-1
for 219 Euros instead of 249 Euros



Omegon Eyepiece and Accessories Case
for 199 Euros instead of 219 Euros



Omegon Binoculars Talron HD 10×42
for 139 Euros instead of 199 Euros


Omegon Mikroskop Binofield

Omegon Microscope Binofield
for 99 Euros instead of 149 Euros



AstroReality Footprint on the Moon
for 9,90 Euros instead of 17,90 Euros


The sale is for a limited time only and for each article, while supplies last!

Seize the opportunity to save money and order your Christmas presents this weekend!

Special offer on Baader Hyperion eyepieces!

November 24 2020, Stefan Taube

Each year, mince pies in the supermarket are the first signs that Christmas is approaching. Here at Astroshop, the Hyperion eyepieces take on this role. You can now obtain these high quality eyepieces from Baader Planetarium at an exceptionally low price – even after Christmas!


All Hyperion eyepieces

The Hyperion eyepieces, with their own visual field of 68° are classed as wide-angle eyepieces. Using these eyepieces, you can comfortably observe without tunnel vision. The Baader Phantom Group Coating™ tempering provides high transmittance, particularly in the spectral range to which the human eye is most sensitive. The Hyperion eyepieces are dual function as they fit both a 1.25 inch and a 2 inch focuser.

Hyperion eyepieces are especially popular for astrophotography. The eyecup is removable, revealing a screw thread which offers multiple connection options. Every eyepiece has a range of adapters.

We are offering Hyperion eyepieces to all our customers at the special price of EUR 116 per eyepiece. A saving of EUR 25 per eyepiece!

Choose from seven focal lengths:

Or grab a complete set of eyepieces for EUR 765. A saving of EUR 87!

This offer is valid until 31/01/2021. Add these eyepieces to your Christmas list now!

Skywatcher Sky Panorama Eyepieces: More economical in a set!

January 9 2017, Stefan Taube

With immediate effect the popular ultra wide angle eyepieces of the Sky Panorama series are available in an economical set:

Skywatcher Eyepiece Set Sky Panorama with focal length of 7 mm, 15 mm, 23 mm.

You save 69.90 Euro when compared with the purchase of the individual eyepieces.
The three focal lengths fully cover the sensible range needed for observations with Dobson telescopes.

The Sky Panorama ultra-wide angle eyepieces offer a large field of view of 82° – a unique viewing experience across a very flat, well corrected and almost undistorted field. The eyepieces come with soft eyepiece caps, which can be simply rotated for correct positioning. Convenient viewing and also suitable for persons wearing glasses. For high contrast and maximum light transmission the lens areas have been broad spectrum multi tempered. The thread cut into the plug-in sleeve enables the use of filters.

Sky Panorama

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