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Now available: the GreenLine roll-off roof observatory from DomeParts!

May 21 2019, Stefan Taube

We are pleased to offer the roll-off roof observatory GreenLine from DomeParts GmbH – now available at a great price. You can now realise your dream of having your own very own garden observatory. It’s also perfect for astronomy clubs.

The Greenline roll-off roof observatory is available in three sizes:

The larger size GreenLine Plus is perfect for astronomical organisations.

DomeParts GreenLine

A GreenLine observatory in the exhibition area of the astronomy fair AME.

The advantages of a roll-off roof observatory compared to a classic dome observatory are clear:

  • The observatory looks like a typical garden shed and so blends in perfectly in any domestic setting. The wooden GreenLine is not only well-designed, but looks great too.
  • The roof can be fully retracted giving you an unobstructed view of the sky in every direction.
  • The inside of the cabin adjusts quickly to the ambient temperature, eliminating turbulent air currents which can often arise with a dome opening.
DomeParts GreenLine Omegon

GreenLine observatory with an Omegon RC on an iOptron CEM60 mount.

The open roof of the roll-off roof observatory offers plenty of room to manoeuvre even for a large-aperture telescope. Here in the picture the GreenLine observatory is equipped with an Omegon RC Truss telescope on an iOptron CEM60 mount.

The delivery time for a GreenLine roll-off roof observatory is around one month. You can put the observatory together yourself or let our construction team build it for you.  Get in touch with us: We’re happy to give you advice and provide you with a quote.

Impressions of Astroshop’s ScopeDome Construction in Paisley, Scotland

July 18 2017, Joshua Taboga

Astroshop was in Paisley, Scotland, to construct a 3-Meter ScopeDome Observatory.

Paisley - 1

Reaching the property was a challenge.  Several pieces of the observatory had to be carried across the adjacent golf course.

Paisley - 3

The observatory was one of the few that the team mounted onto a wooden base.  The column for the telescope was, of course, installed separate from the base.

Paisley - 4 Paisley - 5

Paisley - 6 Paisley - 7

Impressions of Astroshop’s ScopeDome Construction in Bad Liebenwerda, Germany

July 5 2017, Joshua Taboga

Astroshop was in Bad Liebenwerda, Germany, to construct a 4 meter ScopeDome observatory.

 Bad Liebenwerda - 1  Bad Liebenwerda - 2  Bad Liebenwerda - 3  Bad Liebenwerda - 5 Bad Liebenwerda - 4

The building’s stature provided an excellent view of the horizon.

 Bad Liebenwerda - 6  Bad Liebenwerda - 7 Bad Liebenwerda - 10 Bad Liebenwerda - 9 Bad Liebenwerda - 8 Bad Liebenwerda - 12 Bad Liebenwerda - 11

The 4 meter ScopeDome observatory found a home at a private building at the Reiss GmbH headquarters.

 Bad Liebenwerda - 13 Bad Liebenwerda - 14  Bad Liebenwerda - 15 Bad Liebenwerda - 19 Bad Liebenwerda - 17 Bad Liebenwerda - 16 Bad Liebenwerda - 18 Bad Liebenwerda - 20

The primary instrument was mounted onto a stable concrete pillar, which reaches beyond the height of the building and is anchored into the ground.

 Bad Liebenwerda - 22 Bad Liebenwerda - 25 Bad Liebenwerda - 23 Bad Liebenwerda - 24 Bad Liebenwerda - 26

Impressions of Astroshop’s ScopeDome Construction in Koszalin, Poland

June 26 2017, Joshua Taboga

Astroshop was in Polen, to construct a ScopeDome observatory for the city of Koszalin.  The city observatory was the result of a citizen initiative.


cache_27626307 cache_27626309

cache_27626310 cache_27626312

cache_27626313 cache_27626318 cache_27626316

The 5.5 meter ScopeDome observatory houses a 16 inch GSO RC on a EQ 8.

cache_27626319 cache_27626320 cache_27626315 cache_27626314

cache_27626322 cache_27626321

After finishing construction, the second phase started to install the primary instruments, as well as other equipment.


cache_27626324 cache_27626331 cache_27626325 cache_27626330

cache_27626328 cache_27626326 cache_27626329

The Observatory is regularly visited and provides astronomy enthusiasts a welcome and well-known point of contact in Koszalin and the broader region.

Work on the dome and continued use has been well documented on the organisation’s Facebook page.

Impressions from Construction of a ScopeDome Observatory in Adendorf, Germany

June 7 2017, Joshua Taboga

Astroshop was in Adendorf, Lower Saxony, to construct a 3 meter ScopeDome observatory under some special conditions.

Follow the process below of the observatory’s construction.  The images speak for themselves.






The observatory found a new home atop a private residence with a considerably steep roof.




The observatory will house an SC Optic Telescope with a 10″ diameter.





The special feature of this observatory is the use of two towers stacked on top each other, allowing the observatory to reach a height tall enough to clear the roof.



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