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Perseids 2018: An info graphic explaining the meteor shower in August.

August 10 2018, Marcus Schenk

Following the lunar eclipse and the Mars opposition we look forward to the next great astro event: the meteor shower called „the Perseids“. This year, its maximum will be during the night of 12th to 13th August. Then more than 100 meteors will be falling per hour. But the best piece of news is: this year there will be no bothersome moonlight as new moon’s night is only one day earlier. Thus we shall even see the low luminosity meteors!

An additional advantage: the hot summer temperatures. Just curl up in the open. Lie down on a sunbed in the garden or on the balcony or just look into the sky following a barbecue evening together with friends. The weather will be just perfect to enjoy astronomical oberservations wearing a t-shirt!

This up-to-date info graphic will show you the most important information at a glance.

We wish you lots of fun while observing the sky.

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