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Columbus Floor globe Duorama Magnum stainless steel 60cm

Product no.: 18251
Manufacturer: Columbus

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Product description:

Patience, experience, high technology combined with traditional knowledge, these are the exclusive features of the Magnum.

This superb craftsmanship and its impressive size make it a truly impactful 'objet d'art', thus being an informative reference globe.

Perfection in detail

The unique relief impression and its cartography created with special care for the details provoke the viewer to touch it.

Pure-functional aesthestic

The classically elegant fork base is finished in a special high grade brushed steel.

Stunning cartography

The map of the Magnum is printed on a high resolution plotter and is hand-covered on the sphere.To guarantee a very nice glare, it is exclusively Laser printed.

The 40 hours of work and passion necessary for its production, its noble size, its plain elegance and unique quality make it something really special; german craftmanship and technology at its best.

The Duorama map.

The ground-vegetation map shows the earth's surface with the rock-mountains, the forests, the cultivated zones, the savannas, the deserts and in white the polar areas or the glaciers. The relief impression of the mountains and sea-beds are really astonishing.
This map offers a new vision of Earth, near to photographic mode. To reinforce its glare, the Duorama map is exclusively hand adjusted.

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