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TS Optics Telescope AC 60/900 Starscope EQ2-1

Product no.: 56528
Manufacturer: TS Optics

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TS Optics Telescope AC 60/900 Starscope EQ2-1
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Product description:

The AC 60/900 optics:

The classic Fraunhofer refractor with its fully coated objective offers a clear and high-contrast image. The relatively long focal length ensures that the colour error typical of lenses (chromatic aberration) is hardly noticeable. Therefore, this telescope is very well suited for observing bright objects such as our Earth's moon and the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This is where this refractor really shines. With a reversing lens, it is also very suitable for nature observation.

Of course, bright objects that are outside our solar system can be observed too, for example the Orion Nebula or the Hercules Cluster.

The relatively low weight, deep eyepiece view and intuitive operation make this an excellent first telescope for children and young people!

The mounting EQ-2:

This parallytic mounting bares already the opportunity to arrange optics exactely to the polestar. For each watching-place, the right pole-height/geographic amplitude can be set. The objects can be set and tracked with fine movements in the right ascension- and declination-axe.
The aluminium three leg-tripod is extendable in a height from 71 cm up to 121 cm.

Also for children.

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