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Special Price: 76/700 AZ-1 Telescope almost 30% Discount

March 16 2018, Marcus Schenk

A photograph cannot beat a real look into the night sky.  With the Newton Telescope 76/700 AZ-1, you can experience the starry night sky live and with your own eyes!  This little beginner telescope can offer kids and adults their first contact with the Moon and planets.

Save almost 30%! Get your hands on the Omegon 76/700 AZ-1 Telescope now for only 69.90 Euros instead of 99 Euros!

 76/700 Set


Take a stroll across the Moon with this telescope.  It feels as if you are floating in a spaceship over the surface of the Moon.  How would it be to have a glance a Tycho?  A crate with a diameter of 90 km and a crater wall of almost 5,000 meters high.  Once, the scraps of a massive collision flew about the area, and spread the lunar stone far around the Moonscape.

Experience the lunar Mare (seas) with this telescope, as well as thousands of craters or the lunar Alps.  Throughout the year, you will be able to experience something new on the Moon again and again.  Always excited!  A trip through the Universe for the whole family.


The Advantages in a Nutshell:

  • Complete telescope set, including Tube, Mount and Tripod
  • Tripod is adjustable: great for children and adults
  • Simple use: Azimuthal mount with easy navigation through the sky
  • Collects 118 times more light than the naked eye
  • For observing the Moon or bright planets

This telescope is waiting for you to take it out for its first look at the Moon: Order the Telescope now or go for the more comprehensive Beginner Set with Star Chart, Book and Lunar Filter 


Special offer: Morpheus eyepieces by Baader-Planetarium!

March 13 2018, Stefan Taube

With the 17.5-mm eyepiece, the Morpheus family is complete at last! For this occasion, we are offering the full eyepiece series, Morpheus, by Baader once more at an introductory price: You can buy each eyepiece for €199.95, thus saving €45!

If you buy the full set at the same time, you’ll save €276!


The Morpheus eyepieces are the ideal complement for wide-angle eyepieces with a long focal length. The Morpheus eyepieces offer a fantastic 76° field for visual observation, but, thanks to the short focal length and many opportunities for adaptation, they are ideal for photographic uses.

For example, planet photography using eyepiece projection: Be prepared for the upcoming Jupiter season and the Mars opposition in the summer! You need a Morpheus eyepiece and the M43/T2 adapter to be able to screw the accessory with the T-thread, which is very popular in photography, to the eyepiece. The greater the distance between the eyepiece and the camera sensor, the greater the image magnification. Using an extension contact with a T-thread you can adjust the distance, but you still have to connect the camera to the extension contact. Many planet cameras already have a T2 adapter, but the ClickLock that converts to the standard 1.25-inch dimension can be used. Planet cameras are usually fitted with a 1.25-inch push-on contact that you can clip with this accessory.

If you have an SRL camera, you can also use it with Morpheus eyepieces for eyepiece projection. The large sensor of these cameras is ideal for moon and nature photography thanks to a spotting scope. To screw the cameras on to the eyepiece, or the extension contact, you’ll need a T2 ring with a camera-specific bayonet connector.

You will find a PDF with other photography tips for Morpheus eyepieces via “Downloads”. And if you’re not going to be taking photographs with your Morpheus, simply enjoy the veritable 76° space-walk effect that these eyepieces offer!

Please note: This special price is only valid until 15 May 2018. Order your Morpheus eyepieces now!


On special offer now: Kowa BD 10×32 DCF binoculars

March 9 2018, Stefan Taube

We’re offering the BD 10×32 DCF binoculars by Kowa at a special price!

You can buy it now for just €299 instead of €429!


The compact, ergonomic design of the Kowa BD 10×32 binoculars means you can observe for a long time without getting tired. Thanks to the very low minimum focusing distance of just 1.5 m, this model is perfectly suited for observing plants, insects or other nearby objects – in the garden, for example. The binoculars are made in Japan.

This special offer will only remain while stocks last. Order now!


Sale: 20% off almost all Omegon eyepieces

March 1 2018, Marcus Schenk

Do you long for a fantastic new eyepiece?  Or, do you happen to know exactly, what you are looking for?  Then check this out! Get your hands on our Omegon eyepieces at a lower price – and save 20%.



There is something for everybody: Do you want to use the lens to observe planets?  Or something larger – 2″ eyepiece with a 70° or 82° field of view?

The selection is huge!  Save 20% on all eyepieces from the series Cronus, Flatfield, Flatfield ED, LE Planetary, Oberon, Ortho, Plössl, Recticle, Redline, Super Plössl, SWA, UWA, Zoom and on all Omegon eyepiece-sets.

It is a great time to act!  With a new and better eyepiece, you can enjoy more contrast, details or even a larger field of view!

If you are still missing that special accessory, get your hands on your favorite lens and best order today!

The offer is valid until 30.06.2018.


50% Discount: Universe2go now only 49.90 Euro

March 1 2018, Marcus Schenk

A must-have in any astronomy household: The Augmented-Reality Planetarium Universe2go has never been so affordable!



The smart AR goggles show you and explains the night sky – all without hours of hovering over star charts and books.  Simply download the Universe2go app, place your smartphone in the goggles and off you go! Universe2go shows you constellations, the Moon, planets, and even nebulae, accompanied by more than 3 hours of audio commentary.  Sky & Telescope magazine was so convinced, that Universe2go received the prestigious award, Hot Product 2017.

Now is your chance to save 50% on the original price of Universe2go.  Buy your Universe2go star viewer for 49.90 Euros instead of 99.00 Euros.  You save more than 49 Euros.

Get yours now: Buy Universe2go now for only 49.90 Euros – with FREE shipping worldwide.

Would you like more information about Universe2go? Then read these fascinating blog posts:

5 Reasons, why Universe2go is Totally Different than Other Astronomy Apps


Special Offer: 100 Euros discount on Omegon Advanced 6″ and 8″ telescopes

February 15 2018, Marcus Schenk

Good times ahead for telescope buyers: When you buy a 6″ or 8″ Advanced Newtonian Telescope you could save big!
These Newtonian telescopes offer you a brilliant start in astronomy. Discover diverse star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.
You save up to 50% on the purchase of an Omegon Advanced Newtonian telescope. But only while stocks last!

Now is the perfect opportunity to change over or upgrade from a smaller telescope to the next class up. Say hello to new worlds. More light, more resolution – simply see more!

Omegon N 152/750 EQ-300 Advanced Telescope

The Omegon 152/750mm telescope lets you immediately get started in the world of deep-sky and planetary observing – the 152mm aperture of the telescope’s optics will show you hundreds of interesting astronomical objects. And its short focal length makes the telescope extremely compact.
All the advantages in a nutshell:

  • high-quality OTA with 2″ Crayford focuser
  • all components fabricated from metal
  • parabolic primary mirror (diffraction-limited)
  • sharp and high-contrast images
  • adapter for easy and rapid connection of advanced focuser
  • thin spider vanes and blackened OTA interior for high contrast
  • explore the world of deep-sky objects

Das Omegon Advanced Teleskop N 152/750 EQ-300

Now only 349€ instead of 449€


Omegon 6″ OTA (OTA only)

You can attach this OTA with tube clamps and a prism rail onto a mount of your choice in a jiffy. There is the option of connecting a 2″ focuser – a suitable adapter is available.


Tubus N152/750 Advanced


Now only 99€ instead of 199€


Omegon N 203/1000 EQ-500 Advanced Telescope

No need to sigh over beautiful photos of the night sky any more: Make your own with an Omegon 203/1000 Advanced Telescope – live! A 203mm telescope such as this will show you a whole universe of deep-sky objects, whether a high-resolution globular cluster or a galaxy.
All the advantages in a nutshell:

  • ‘fast’ 203mm Newtonian telescope with parabolic mirror
  • discover countless deep-sky objects – such as galaxies
  • ideal for planetary observing too
  • adapter included for easy and rapid connection of advanced focuser
  • thin spider vanes for high contrast
  • optimal introduction to astrophotography
  • design your telescope according to your own wishes using our ‘configurator’Omegon Teleskop Advanced N 203/1000 EQ-500

Now only 569€ instead of 669€


You can also easily attach this 8″ OTA to a mount of your choice via tube clamps and a prism rail. Appropriate combinations start with an EQ-5 class mount, but there are no limits. There is the option of connecting a 2″ focuser – a suitable adapter is available.


Omegon 8″ OTA (OTA only)

Now only 189€ instead of 289€


Don’t wait too long – make sure you order your Advanced Telescope today! Now go to the reduced price advanced telescopes.

The offer is valid until 30.06.2018.


Good value set offer: Meade N 150/750 LX70 telescope

December 19 2017, Stefan Taube

The telescopes in the LX70 series by Meade have proven over many years to be good models for beginners. The basic set offered by Meade includes telescopes without motors and without pole finders.

So, we have put together a set that contains all these accessories: The Meade N 150/750 LX70 telescope set for only €699.00.

You save €279.00  compared with if you had bought all the items individually!


For this set, we opted for the Newton telescope with a 150-millimetre aperture, because we think that these optics make the ideal combination with this mount.

The LX70 telescope with Maksutov optics is over the budget of many beginners. The refractor has a very deep eyepiece for the LX70 mount. The Newton telescope with a 200-millimetre aperture  is a little heavy for the LX70 and has a relatively large leverage effect.

The N 150/750 LX70 telescope, however, is a well-matched system at a decent price! You can very easily use a camera for photographing the moon and the planets on this system. We are pleased to be able to offer the telescope as an entire package with really useful accessories at a very good price at the moment!


Sale: Beginner Telescope Bresser Messier-130 EXOS-1

December 12 2017, Stefan Taube

The Newton Telescope N 130/1000 Messier EXOS-1 von Bresser is an excellent beginners scope.  The primary mirror at 130 mm diameter allows for observations of brighter deep-sky objects, like the binary star Albireo in the constellation Cygnus, the “double-double” Epsilon Lyrae in the constellation Lyra or the famous Orion Nebula in the constellation with the same name.

Observing the Moon and planets is quite enjoyable  with the Newton, since it does not show any color distortions as a result of its build.

Bresser Messier N130

A tried and tested beginner telescope: N 130/1000 Messier EXOS-1

In combination with the EXOS-1 Mount, you can focus on an object and follow the rotation of the heavens by turning the flexible shaft.  You can even motorize the mount, as well as use a polar finder, to make using the scope a breeze and more exact.

We offer the entire set, comprised of the telescope and mount with tripod, currently for the price of only 298 Euros.  That means you save 131 Euros off of the recommended price.

Mit der EXOS-1 Montierung können Sie das Teleskop auf das gewünschte Objekt ausrichten und über Drehung an der biegsamen Welle der Himmelsrotation nachführen. Es ist auch jederzeit eine nachträgliche Motorisierung möglich, sowie die Verwendung eines Polsuchers, um dieses Nachführen bequemer und genauer zu ermöglichen!

Learn more about the Bresser Telescope N 130/1000 Messier EXOS-1 special offer below:

The set is delivered with a 26mm Super Plössl eyepiece.  Three other eyepieces are also available at special price:

That way you can get your telescope with a fitting set of eyepieces! The offer for the telescope and eyepieces is valid until the 31st December 2017 and only while supplies last.


The Apochromat VSD 100 by Vixen is now on special offer!

November 10 2017, Stefan Taube

We offer the apochromatic refractor VSD 100 by Vixen at the special prices of €5,399. You save € 600 compared with the recommended retail price! This offer ends on the 31st December 2017. Order now!

Der Astrograph VSD 100 von Vixen

The Apochromat VSD 100 is a dream for astrophotographers: With an aperture ratio of f/3.8 it is very fast. That means you only need a relatively short exposure time. That not only means that it can capture more detail in dim objects during your observation night, but that you can do without guiding and get by with a lighter mount. With the Reducer for the VSD 100 you can even obtain an aperture ratio of f/3!

The optical system of the VSD 100 comprising five lenses ensures an even field of view and reduces chromatic aberrations. That provides a sharp image right up to the edge – even with a relatively wide aperture of 100 mm!

This example shot taken on 09.01.2016 shows the comet C/2013 US10 (Catalina).


To achieve a field of view that is sufficiently large, the Reducer is mounted on the VSD 100. 25 shots with an exposure of 30 seconds each were taken with a DSLR camera and added to this overall image. Thanks to the short exposure time, neither autoguiding nor an especially precise alignment were necessary.


Summer campaign: Celestron CGE Pro telescopes for particularly reasonable prices!

September 8 2017, Stefan Taube

Now is a good time to get prepared for the dark season: Celestron CGE Pro telescopes are now available with 20% discount!

CGEPro1400The CGE Pro is the most powerful mount from Celestron. It is able to carry the large 14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain optics or the RASA astrograph without any strain. However, with its sturdy tripod, this mount is still suitable for mobile use.

Choose your CGE Pro telescope:

You already have a large telescope? No problem, we currently also offer the CGE Pro mount without optics for a very favourable price!

This offer ends on the 30th of September 2017. Order now!


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