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Telescopes for children and young people: 3 perfect present ideas – Video with English subtitles

December 2 2022, Marcus Schenk

Looking for a present for your children? In this video, we give you tips and advice to help you find the right telescope. We have selected three different models, which are suitable for beginners. Additionally, we show you which accessories you realistically need. Watch the video and discover the fascinating world of astronomy with your family!

Products shown in the video:

AC 90/1000 EQ-2 telescope

Omegon Advanced 130/650 EQ-320

Omegon 152/1200 Advanced Dobsonian

17.5cm rotating star chart

Astronomy torch Astro-Flashlight

Book for children and young people 

Cronus eyepieces

Stars, not smartphones – The ultimate telescope buying guide for children and young people

December 1 2022, Marcus Schenk

Wondering what else to get them for Christmas? Surprise your child with planets, moons and stars! The right telescope makes this possible. So our experts have compiled the best telescopes and binoculars for four age groups. You can now read what suits your child and what to look out for when buying in our Astroshop Magazine.


Astronomy is an adventure with no minimum age. By looking up at the sky, children and young people get to know our world and its natural phenomenons – starting with playfully discovering images of stars through to taking their first astrophotos. Even at the start, the right equipment plays an important role in this. It not only guarantees initial success, but fun as well.

You can use our telescope guide to find a reasonably priced high-quality telescope which will turn your child’s fascination with the night sky into an exciting new hobby.

Special offer on Vixen Porta mounts!

November 22 2022, Stefan Taube

In the Porta II and the Mobile Porta, Japanese manufacturer Vixen offers two altazimuth mounts for lightweight telescopes. Both mounts are currently available at discounted prices:

The Porta mounts are extremely uncomplicated to operate, lightweight to transport but (and this distinguishes them from other mounts of similar size and shape) very high quality.

Combined with a lightweight objective lens, they are ideally suited to spontaneous lunar and planetary observations from balconies, terraces or gardens. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced observer, it is great for a quick peek at the Moon without having to assemble your heavy equipment.

Vixen offers custom sets for this. The image below shows a great combination of lens and mount. This is the Porta II with the AC A80Mf refracting telescope

Teleskop AC 80/910 A80Mf Porta-II

AC 80/910 A80Mf telescope, Porta-II

As well as serving as a mount for a quickly assembled system, the Porta mounts are also ideally suited for travelling.

The sliding clutch on the vertical axis enables the Porta mounts to be simply and intuitively operated. Using a handle on the lens tube, you can move the telescope into your desired position, pointing towards your desired target. The exact positioning and tracking then takes place via two shafts with large dials. This is precise and sturdy.

Die Rutschkupplung erlaubt eine intuitive Bewegung des Teleskops.

The sliding clutch allows the telescope to be moved intuitively.

The clutch’s resistance can be set using the supplied tool. This means you can adapt the mount for different lenses.

Speaking of lenses… The universal connection allows the mount to be used with any telescope with a Vixen-style prism rail. You only need to ensure that the lens weight does not exceed the mount’s stated load capacity.

Both mounts come supplied with an aluminium tripod.

Astrozap’s Advent discount

November 16 2022, Jan Ströher

Astrozap’s Advent discount (valid until 10 December)

The American manufacturer Astrozap is offering a pre-Christmas discount of 15% on all items. Their various dew protection products, dust caps and stray light protection products are especially well known and are used by amateur astronomers around the world. We currently have many of these Astrozap products in stock, and can offer you these special prices until 10 December 2022. As always, the offer is only available as long as stocks last – so act fast and expand your equipment with some high-quality accessories from Astrozap USA!

Special offer on Baader Hyperion eyepieces!

November 2 2022, Stefan Taube

Each year, mince pies in the supermarket are the first signs that Christmas is approaching. Here at Astroshop, the Hyperion eyepieces take on this role. You can now obtain these high quality eyepieces from Baader Planetarium at an exceptionally low price – even after Christmas!


All Hyperion eyepieces

The Hyperion eyepieces, with their own visual field of 68° are classed as wide-angle eyepieces. Using these eyepieces, you can comfortably observe without tunnel vision. The Baader Phantom Group Coating™ tempering provides high transmittance, particularly in the spectral range to which the human eye is most sensitive. The Hyperion eyepieces are dual function as they fit both a 1.25 inch and a 2 inch focuser.

Hyperion eyepieces are especially popular for astrophotography. The eyecup is removable, revealing a screw thread which offers multiple connection options. Every eyepiece has a range of adapters.

We are offering Hyperion eyepieces to all our customers at the special price of EUR 132 per eyepiece. A saving of EUR 33 per eyepiece!

Choose from seven focal lengths:

Or grab a complete set of eyepieces for EUR 860. A saving of EUR 215!

This offer is valid until 31/12/2022. Add these eyepieces to your Christmas list now!

Video: Solar observation with telescopes and filter tips (with English subtitles)

October 19 2022, Marcus Schenk

Want to observe the Sun? Welcome to the solar observation club!

In this video we show you how to easily observe the Sun, sunspots or solar prominences using your telescope. Additionally, you will learn which filters and what additional equipment you need for this. Finally, fantastic images of the Sun await you. A guide for beginners and other fans of our central star. Solar observation is fun!

But beware… Never observe the Sun without a suitable solar filter! And never leave children unattended with a telescope or binoculars near the Sun!

Good to know: We will have a partial solar eclipse on 25 October. Secure your solar filter and solar eclipse glasses now – our stocks are limited.

From the video:


  1. Take care when observing the Sun
  2. What you must consider
  3. The technique of white light observation
  4. What is it and what can you see?
  5. Which filter works for me?
  6. What to consider for solar lens filters
  7. Glass or foil and finding the correct filter size
  8. How to locate the Sun quickly in your telescope
  9. Herschel wedges for refracting telescopes
  10. Observing solar prominences and chromospheres
  11. Impressions of the Sun in H-alpha

Products shown in the video:


Omegon 45791 solar filter

Omegon ProNewton N 153/750 OTA

iOptron GEM28 GoTo LiteRoc mount

Baader AstroSolar solar eclipse glasses

Astrozap solar filter for external diameters of 232 to 238mm

Baader AstroSolar® OD 5.0 A4 210x297mm solar filter film

Baader AstroSolar ASTF 200mm telescope solar filter

Omegon 150mm solar filter

APM Herschel wedge 2″ FastLock

MEADE 2″ Herschel wedge with ND3 filter and ceramic plate

Omegon Pro APO AP 72/400 ED Quintuplet OTA apochromatic refracting telescope

Coronado ST 40/400 OTA PST Personal Solar Telescope

Coronado ST 40/400 0.5Å OTA PST Personal Solar Telescope

Daystar QUARK H-alpha solar filter, Chromosphere

Daystar QUARK H-alpha solar filter, Prominence

Bargain store: special offers!

October 13 2022, Stefan Taube

You will find bargains in our shop from across our entire range by clicking on the link %SALE% .


These special offers are only valid while stocks last, so don’t miss out on a bargain!

Risk-free saving: all items in our bargain store are sold as new and all our usual services apply!


Video with English subtitles: AZ or EQ mount?

June 8 2022, Marcus Schenk

A video for novice amateur astronomers!

Every telescope is equipped with a mount. It allows the device to be moved in every desired direction. These can be divided into “equatorial” and “alt-azimuth” mounts

What are the differences? Which suits your needs best? And what do you need to be aware of?

Have fun watching!

Products featured in video:

Omegon Advanced 150/750 EQ-320 telescope

Celestron AC 90/1000 Astromaster AZ telescope

Omegon Advanced X N 203/1200 Dobsonian telescope

Home planetaria: the gift of the night sky

December 20 2021, Marcus Schenk

It’s Christmas time. Besides tinsel angels, snowflakes and snowmen, ice crystals form on window panes – and on telescopes.
The temperature is often unpleasant for stargazers who would otherwise be spending many hours outdoors. No wonder that some people prefer to spend their time in front of a blazing fire or under a cosy blanket.

But you can still enjoy the night sky! Simply bring the cold of outer space into the warmth of your living room.

Projection by the Sega Flux home planetarium with 60,000 stars

This works really well with a small home planetarium. Just imagine being able to turn your living room or a child’s bedroom into a wonderful world of stars. It’s almost as though you could lift off and go on an amazing journey.

Which planetarium should you choose to simulate the night sky?
In our buying guide “6 home planetaria that will transform your home into a sea of stars“, you can find answers to your questions and our recommendations. What are the differences between the different models? Which planetarium offers a realistic night sky and which a more fanciful version? What about other important functions, such as shooting stars?

A light burns bright at Advent? With your own home planetarium, there will be hundreds and thousands. And children will learn a lot along the way too. How about giving someone a theatre of stars as a gift this year?

Then read our Buying guide to home planetaria – here you will find at-a-glance comparisons.
For young and old, and anyone who wants to marvel at the stars!

The right telescope for Christmas

December 16 2021, Marcus Schenk

Candlelight and the smells of freshly brewed coffee and just-baked biscuits: it could all be so tranquil.

Instead, for most of us, the weeks before Christmas are the most stressful of the year. The children are moody and you still haven’t bought the tree. Phew!

How can this be a good time to research buying your first telescope?

Luckily, you don’t have to.

In the guide Telescopes for beginners“, we show you how, in just a few minutes, you can find a telescope which will take you from your balcony directly into space. Together with suitable recommendations that will ensure that the parcel under the Christmas tree will bring you endless pleasure.

Read our buying guide: The best telescopes for beginners.