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Compact and smart: The new mount AZ-GTi from Skywatcher

October 20 2017, Stefan Taube

Astronomy with a smartphone:

It all began with telescopes of the series Nexstar Evolution: Celestron equipped this series with WIFI, so that they can be controlled via mobile units by using the SkyPortal app.

The graphic user interface offers many possibilities and can be intuitively controlled. The omission of a hand controller is another benefit of controlling the system via an app. This way one needs only a limited amount of equipment.

Now available: The new AZ-GTi from Skywatcher:

The mount AZ-GTi GoTo WiFi from Skywatcher is completely new. It carries telescopes with a weight of up to 5 kilogrammes, which can be directed to almost 10,000 sky objects via a smartphone using the SynScan app.


With this GoTo control even beginners will easily find their way around the sky. The mount not only swings the telescope to the desired object, but also keeps on tracking, keeping the object in the eyepiece, despite the earth’s rotation.

The mount AZ-GTi is an azimuthal mount, which, in contrast to an equatorial mounting does not permit astrophotography with longer exposure times. However, azimuthal mounts are smaller, lighter and ready more quickly for use than equatorial mounts.

Skywatcher AZ-GTi telescopes:

Skywatcher currently offers the AZ-GTi in three sets. The most inexpensive set is the Explorer-130PS AZ-GTi. Here you can obtain the mount with a Newton telescope and an aperture of 130 millimetres. The combination is not only more reasonable in price, but also has the biggest mirror optics and thus the highest light gathering capacity.

The combination with the 127mm Maksutov is also very interesting: SkyMax-127 AZ-GTi GoTo WiFi. Despite its high focal length, the Maksutov still has a short tube and, as a closed system, is almost indestructible.

An app for the mobile unit offers more possibilities than a hand controller, and the smartphone is always close at hand. Controlling the system via smartphone makes sense especially for small mounts.

Omegon binocular mount: How to surf the sky with binoculars

January 2 2017, Marcus Schenk

It is simply fantastic: viewing the sky with binoculars. Hiking through the constellations of the milky way. Just take a detour to the next nebula. And then back to the Andromeda galaxy.
Exploring the sky with large binoculars is a lot fun. If their wasn’t the problem with the weight.

Das perfekt austarierte Nightstar 20x80 Fernglas

A tripod is a must, otherwise your arms will get heavy, even after just a few minutes. But most large binoculars have a weight of several kilograms and most tripod heads are thus overloaded. In practice: At an inclination of more than 45° most heads will start to slip, because friction becomes too high.

But now there is a solution: The Omegon binocular mount.

It consists of a 580 mm long rail (acc. to Aka-Swiss-Rail standard) and a 1 kg counterweight. Fasten your large binoculars on the opposite side. The mount the whole assembly on your tripod head. And all problems are gone.

Perfect balancing of your binoculars relieves the tripod head and allows any movement.

The forces are balanced
You simply float across the sky by slightly increasing the friction of your tripod head. Simply move the binoculars from one object to the next. And don’t bother with extremely tightened mount clamps. It gives you the impression as if your binoculars would surf the sky on the waves of light.

Some product recommendations for the Omegon binocular fixture:

Omegon Nightstar 15×70
Omegon Nightstar 20×80
Omegon Argus 11×70
Omegon Argus 20×80

Tripods and tripod heads:
Omegon aluminium tripod Titania 800 + 3D panorama head 500 + Novoflex Swiss-Rail profile
Manfrotto aluminium tripod 475 B Pro Digital
Cullmann tripod panorama head CONCEPT ONE OH4.5V
Manfrotto video pan head MVH500AH Fluid + Novoflex Swiss-Rail profile

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