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Founded in 1975 by Roland Christen, Astro-Physics, based in Rockford, Illinois (USA), has earned an excellent reputation with its full apochromatic refractors. The engineers at Astro-Physics have lived up to this reputation with the development of high-end mounts. Astro-Physics mounts’ reliability is legendary!

A special feature of the mounts in the GTO 1100 and GTO 1600 series is that, despite their high load-bearing capacity, they are easy to transport because the pole block and declination axis can be disconnected. This means that the GTO 1600 with a load-bearing capacity of 90 kilograms can be transported and set up by one person alone!

Astro-Physics is a by-word for sharp, high-resolution optics, robust mounts and easy-to-use accessories.

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Astro-Physics Design Philosophy

Astro-Physics Design Philosophy

"At Astro-Physics, we are fully committed to the production and development of amateur telescopes and accessories. Our goal is to produce the highest possible quality components and keep them affordable to the average amateur. Amateur telescopes are the only product that we produce; we do not get sidetracked into commercial or military projects.

Many of our technical and production staff are amateur astronomers themselves, so they understand the unique needs of our customers. We strive to build almost every part from scratch at our own facility in Rockford, Illinois. This includes not only the individual optics, but also the critical gears, circuit boards and components right down to the knobs and fittings." astro physics-com

Astro-Physics at NEAF 2013 - Sky & Telescope