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Sale: 10% Discount on NexDome Observatories!

July 9 2018, Stefan Taube

This Summer goes to observatories!  NexDome – Observatories of a revolutionary design are now 10% off!

The version pictured below with a storage bay is now only 4,392 Euro – a savings of 488 Euro!

NexDome mit Bucht

NexDome Observatory 2.2 Meter with bay

All versions of the NexDome observatory can be found on our NexDome page.

With a NexDome Observatory, you will not only save on your purchase, but also on the shipping costs!  Delivery of the observatory occurs in individual pieces, which you can assemble on location.  This type of modular design can be advantageous in the long-term: you can can swap out individual pieces or retrofit your observatory with a bay or more!

The sale runs until the 31st of August 2018 – get started on your own observatory project this summer!

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