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Meade Telescope N 130/1000 DS 2130 ATS LNT GoTo

Product no.: 17622
Manufacturer: Meade

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Product description:

The telescopes of the Meade DS-2000 series offer highly developed microprocessor technology and newest electromechanical design to amateur astronomers. Even movements in height and azimuth as well as the already integrated AutoStar-computer #494 (with over 1.500 stored celestial objects) provide for a lot of observation fun. Every object can be found immediately by the device - select an object on the display and the DS-2000 moves to! With the DS-2130 ATS LNT you already can take a look at the brightest objects beyond the solar system. Discover parts of nebulas of the big Orion-nebula and view the glow in the center of the Andromeda-galaxy at a range of over 2 million light-years!

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