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The focus at Astrosysteme Austria ASA is quality without compromise. The company from Neumarkt in Austria offers observatory-class mounts and optics. ASA telescope systems can be found at astronomical society observatories as well as in professional research institutions.

As a partner of ASA, Astroshop has already implemented numerous projects with Astrosysteme Austria’s mounts and optics. Benefit from the close cooperation between Astroshop and ASA!

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Weitere Infos zu ASA

Weitere Infos zu ASA

Astrosysteme Austria has set itself the goal of making fully automatic mounts and tracking systems suitable for the latest requirements in astrophotography. ASA is particularly proud of their very large aperture ratio astrographs and optimum image field correction as well as their mounts with ‘unguided mode’ and an automatic alignment aid.

The constant development of the ASA products is a central part of the company’s philosophy. This means that, year after year, a large part of the company’s turnover is invested in the research and development on new products and on the improvement of the existing product range. ASA will continue to invest heavily in its research and development activities in the future, assisted by the excellent support provided by the Austrian government.

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