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Skywatcher Dobson telescope N 203/1200 Skyliner FlexTube BD DOB

Product no.: 14977
Manufacturer: Skywatcher

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Skywatcher Dobson telescope N 203/1200 Skyliner FlexTube BD DOB
Skywatcher Dobson telescope N 203/1200 Skyliner FlexTube BD DOB
Product description
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Product description:

A large aperture for a little money - that was always the main idea when acquiring a Dobsonian telescope. With their BlackDiamond Dobsonian, Sky-Watcher have created a classic with a new slant. The new, patented, a novel patented sliding rod design makes it is particularly easy to transport. Another advantage of this is that it allows the focus point to be flexibly shifted by sliding the rods further in or out.

The telescope and mount:

This BlackDiamond truss-tube Dobsonian is equipped with an 8 inch parabolic mirror. 8 inches is a classic size for astronomical observing. Globular clusters can be well resolved, and some galaxies show the first signs of having a spiral structure. Its f5.9 aperture ratio and a 2 inch focuser also make the telescope well suited for observing extended nebulae. The planets also show a wealth of detail. Saturn's rings can be easily seen and even the famous Cassini division can be observed!

The telescope is equipped with a smoothly operating Crayford focuser, which allows precise focusing adjustment. A T2 camera connector is included with the focuser. A camera-specific T2 adapter, which is included in our product range, is additionally required for using a DSLR camera.

Truss tube Dobsonians are particularly popular with committed observers due to their excellent portability. Skywatcher offers an especially easy to manage system with its new FlexTube Dobsonians. Only having 3 tubes, they can be quickly collapsed. On arriving at the observing site you simply need to extend the tubes again and you have a fully operational and aligned instrument within seconds. The telescope is still very rigid even in its fully extended configuration. The manufacturer promises very stable collimation despite the simple design.

Included in delivery:

  • optics with a collapsible tube
  • reinforced rocker box
  • 10mm and 25mm eyepieces (1.25")
  • 2 inch Crayford focuser with 1.25 inch adapter and T2 camera connector
  • 9x50 quick-release finder for easy location of objects in the night sky
  • primary mirror with central marker for a easier collimation
  • user manual in German

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