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Orion Dobson telescope N 150/750 StarBlast 6 DOB

Product no.: 13929
Manufacturer: Orion

$ 482.00

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Orion Dobson telescope N 150/750 StarBlast 6 DOB
Orion Dobson telescope N 150/750 StarBlast 6 DOB
Orion Dobson telescope N 150/750 StarBlast 6 DOB
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Manufacturer's product description:

The StarBlast telescope:

With this telescope, Orion offers an upmarket and yet inexpensive way of getting started in amateur astronomy. The high-quality reflector is available with various mounting options, ranging from a simple Dobsonian, through parallactic with aluminium tripod up to the IntelliScope version with Object Locator. The telescope has a short focal length and so can cover a wide area of the night sky, allowing you to find many objects quickly and easily.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • powerful reflector
  • good value for money
  • widefield optics

Dobsonian table top mount: stable base, extremely portable

Are 'normal' telescopes just too big for you, or are you looking for a compact instrument in particular? Dobsonian table top mount telescope makes the perfect companion as you can transport the instrument all in one piece.

Onto the table and you're ready to go

Operating the mount could not be easier, just place the telescope on a table or elevated platform.

The mount moves easily in all directions on its smooth Teflon bearings. There is no aligning necessary with this telescope: after setting it up, just line it up on an object and you will find it easy to track it, whilst marvelling at the sight of whichever planet or nebula you have in the eyepiece.

Get to know the stars

This well thought-out Dobsonian mounted telescope also has another advantage: by locating each object yourself you will get to learn the night sky much better and gradually make yourself an expert.

It is not only important which telescope you buy, but also where you buy it.

We provide extra help:

  • We are a leading telescope dealer and know these instruments like the back of our hands.
  • We are always very happy to offer our assistance after your purchase, should you encounter any problems with your telescope’s setup or operation.
  • Our ‘Telescope Basics’ booklet - an 80-page beginner's guide for our telescopes – is provided free of charge with every telescope we sell.

Our expert comment:

This telescope is not used on the ground, but is instead placed on a table or a similar elevated platform.

If you want a larger Dobsonian telescope with a base for use on the ground, then the following is a suitable example: The Orion N 114 / 910 SkyQuest XT4.5 Classic Dob Dobsonian telescope (Product No. 13768)

The convenient eyepiece holder can take up to three eyepieces. So you always have alternative magnifications at your fingertips.

The telescope comes with 1.25" focuser and red dot finder. A convenient knob makes moving the telescope to track objects straightforward.

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