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Orion Telescope AC 90/910 AstroView EQ-2

Product no.: 13894
Manufacturer: Orion

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Orion Telescope AC 90/910 AstroView EQ-2
Orion Telescope AC 90/910 AstroView EQ-2
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Product description:

The AC 90/910 telescope:

A high-quality refractor at a reasonable price is still rather hard to find as refractors have always been much more expensive than any other type of telescope. But regular improvements in the technology have been lowering these astronomical prices for a while now. The result is a high-quality telescope at a remarkable price. This telescope is powerful enough to keep beginners occupied for many years to come. You will be able to see great images of the Moon and planets, as well as many deep sky objects. With an aperture of 90mm, this OTA can provide useful magnifications of up to 180X and, with its 910mm focal length, gives an excellent F10.1 aperture ratio.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • good value for money
  • light OTA, eminently portable
  • makes an excellent guide scope

The Orion AstroView mount:

This sturdy mount slides silkily into position and is suitable for any type of telescope. It easily carries telescopes of up to 120mm aperture and can also be used for photography. At 13kg in weight it is not the lightest mount around, but this means it is more stable, guaranteeing you wonderful nights observing.

Included with the mount:

  • sturdy, equatorial mount
  • aluminum tripod
  • suitable counterweights
  • accessory tray

It is not only important which telescope you buy, but also where you buy it.

We provide extra help:

  • We are a leading telescope dealer and know these instruments like the back of our hands.
  • We are always very happy to offer our assistance after your purchase, should you encounter any problems with your telescope’s setup or operation.
  • Our ‘Telescope Basics’ booklet - an 80-page beginner's guide for our telescopes – is provided free of charge with every telescope we sell.

Discover what the planets in our solar system really look with this sturdy telescope. The precision mount keeps the planets in the field of view.

Recommended accessories:

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