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Bresser Dobson telescope N 200/1200 Messier Hexafoc DOB

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Manufacturer: Bresser

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Bresser Dobson telescope N 200/1200 Messier Hexafoc DOB
Bresser Dobson telescope N 200/1200 Messier Hexafoc DOB
Bresser Dobson telescope N 200/1200 Messier Hexafoc DOB
Bresser Dobson telescope N 200/1200 Messier Hexafoc DOB
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Product description:

The traditional company Bresser offers telescopes for ambitious beginners at an excellent price-performance ratio under the name Messier. The Messier telescope systems are expandable and retrofittable, so they can be used far beyond the initial entry point.

Dobsonian telescopes are among the most practical instruments in astronomy. They are of simple construction and yet a brilliant idea. They essentially consist of two parts: firstly the optics, which in most cases is a solid tube or truss tube design; and secondly the mount, a wooden box (also called a 'rocker box') which sits on the ground and into which the telescope is inserted. This design allows you to begin observing sessions immediately without first having to spend time setting up and aligning a complicated mount. The basic idea of the Dobsonian design came from the wish to have a big telescope at a low price, a wish that has succeeded brilliantly. A true fan base has developed since the invention of the Dobsonian telescope which is dedicated to these instruments and their fascinating simplicity and to the idea of 'high performance at low price'.

The DOBSON telescopes from the house of SKYWATCHER convince by technical innovation and functional Design.

A simple, elegant form of an alt-azimuth mount made to carry a Newtonian reflector was popularized by John Dobson in the late 1970's. In its simplest form, the Dobsonian mount consists of a box which allows the optical tube assembly to pivot in altitude, while the box itself is swivelled on a base in azimuth. Normally such mounts are moved by hand rather than motor driven. Their main advantages are low cost, fast easy setup and ability to make a mount big enough for larger tubes.

The devices have handles, which are very useful both to transport and for adjustment the elevator axle.

The telescope has a 2"-Focuser with adapter for 1,25"[ - ] like that is also a later ascent to 2"-Apex eyepieces without problems possible.

The excellent large Hexafoc focuser has an aperture of 64mm making it impossible to notice any shading from the focuser tube, even with large widefield eyepieces.

Special advantages of the Messier series Dobsonian telescope:

  • The Rockerbox is assembled with metal quick-release connectors that allow it to be disassembled and reassembled in minutes without the need for a cordless screwdriver.
  • The device uses a new 2.5" focuser. It is highly rigid and free of any shifting.
  • The optical tube sits in a pair of pipe clamps that support the large altitude wheels on the sides. This means that the tube can also be used on a parallactic mount without any problems and can also be rotated along its longitudinal axis to provide the ideal eyepiece view in any position. By moving the tube within the tube clamps, the Dobsonian can be optimally balanced.

It is not only important which telescope you buy, but also where you buy it.

We provide extra help:

  • We are a leading telescope dealer and know these instruments like the back of our hands.
  • We are always very happy to offer our assistance after your purchase, should you encounter any problems with your telescope’s setup or operation.
  • Our ‘Telescope Basics’ booklet - an 80-page beginner's guide for our telescopes – is provided free of charge with every telescope we sell.

Scope of delivery: Eyepiece and red dot finder

High quality focuser

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