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Bresser Telescope N 150/1400 Pollux EQ-3

Product no.: 21351
Manufacturer: Bresser

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Bresser Telescope N 150/1400 Pollux EQ-3
Bresser Telescope N 150/1400 Pollux EQ-3

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Manufacturer's product description:

The large mirror with a tall focal length allows the observation of many celestial bodies. Thanks to the catadioptic system (integrated barlow lens) the length of the tube is despite to its tall focal length kept short, that´s why it is well transportable.

But also the mechanic is powerful. The equatorial mount allows every user to target the telescope. All Newton Telescopes have a drawtube on the side of their tube. It offers comfort while observing celestial bodies. Explore the planets within our solar system and discover new worlds.

A large mirror paired with a long focal length make it possible to observe a wide variety of objects in the night sky. Due to the catadioptric system (integrated Barlow lens), the tube length is kept short despite the high focal length and thus the device is still very portable.

The EQ-3 mount:

This parallactic mount allows you to accurately aligning the optics to the Pole Star. The correct polar height and geographical latitude can be set for any observation location. The slow motion controls for the RA and DEC axes allow objects to be adjusted precisely, tracked and held in the field of view. A counterweight provides exact counterbalancing of the optics.
The EQ-3 mount provides a solid base for most small to medium size optics and is excellent for fascinating excursions through the night sky. Drive motors are available for automatically guiding the EQ-3 mount, which also allows any first attempts at astrophotography. The tripod is extendable, an accessory tray provides a place for eyepieces and other accessories.

The mount comes with:

  • robust tripod
  • accessory tray
  • counterbalancing counterweight

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  • Our ‘Telescope Basics’ booklet - an 80-page beginner's guide for our telescopes – is provided free of charge with every telescope we sell.

Our expert comment:

Compare: A similar telescope, which is very good value for money, is the Omegon N150/750 EQ-3. You also benefit from a comprehensive accessory kit for getting you started in astronomy.

The 150/1400 EQ-2 Pollux telescope has a long focal length of 1400mm, but a short actual length. This is achieved using a built-in corrector lens that artificially increases the focal length. But this design means that the image quality of the system suffers and is not of such high quality as that of the classical Newtonian telescopes offered by Bresser or Omegon for example. This is particularly noticeable at higher magnifications and when planetary observing. This means that classic Newtonian telescopes are far better value for money than this instrument.

A classical Newtonian telescope, but without the image degrading corrector lens, is the Omegon N150/750 EQ-3

(Marcus Schenk)

The adapter lets you position your smartphone precisely over the eyepiece.

Solar filter included - to let you safely observe the sun.


Barlow Lens
Red dot finder

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