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Celestron Telescope N 114/1000 NexStar 114 SLT GoTo

Product no.: 7875
Manufacturer: Celestron

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Celestron Telescope N 114/1000 NexStar 114 SLT GoTo
Celestron Telescope N 114/1000 NexStar 114 SLT GoTo
Celestron Telescope N 114/1000 NexStar 114 SLT GoTo
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Product description:

The brand new NexStar SLT series with SkyAlign technology offers computerized GoTo telescopes with a multilingual menu and huge database, as well as being excellent value for money.

The fully assembled ready-to-use tripod and quick-release couplings for connection to the fork mount, as well as the OTA on a fork arm allow setting up in just a few minutes - without the need of any tools!

A huge range of celestial objects are available to observe, and the computer can also select the best objects to observe month by month.

Intelligent design

Operation of precision servo motors and electronic position encoders is possible either via 8 AA batteries, 12V/2A power supply ( 821008), power tank ( 821040 for 7AH or 821043 for 17AH) or with a car battery cable ( 821016). The Internet upgradable NexStar hand controller lets you find up to 4000 objects at the touch of a button.

Celestron's revolutionary SkyAlign *

Thanks to 'SkyAlign', you no longer need to know either the positions or names of any stars. Simply type in the date and the time, select the nearest location from the list provided, do a three star alignment (the Sun, Moon and planets may also be used for this) and confirm with the press of a button.

The processor calculates the position of all visible celestial objects within seconds! With Solar system alignment, you simply select the Sun as a reference object (BUT ONLY USING A SAFE SOLAR FILTER AT THE FRONT OF THE TELESCOPE) and you can then even find the brighter stars and planets in the middle of the day - great for working with children.

Standard equipment and accessories include:

- computerized hand control with over 4,000 objects in the database

- quickly detachable, single-arm fork mount, quick mounting of the OTA and accessory tray without tools

- SkyAlign allows alignment on the basis of any three bright celestial objects, which makes polar alignment a breeze

- 'The Sky' level 1 planetarium software and NSOL telescope control software for the control of your computer are included in delivery

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