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Omegon apochromatic telescope 102 mm and 127 mm Triplet: The “People’s Apo” has been improved

October 10 2016, Marcus Schenk

Whoever looks through an apo for the first time is usually thrilled. Twin stars, star clusters or planets: for these objects, an apo – without any doubt – takes the pole position. The two best-sellers from Omegon are the 102 mm and the 127mm Triplet apos – part of our product range since 2010! Now they have been revised and considerably improved. And best of all: The price has not been changed.

Just learn what has been changed to make this equipment more impressive than ever for amateur astronomers:

1. Adjustable lens cell

In the past telescopes were obviously adjusted, but any re-adjustment was very difficult. At least, you really needed to know what you were doing. This has now changed! We have developed a completely new and temperature compensating lens cell, which makes adjusting as simple as riding a bike – okay, maybe almost as simple. Four adjustment and fixing screws help you to adjust the eyepiece. This is easily done with an open end spanner, using the North Star as a reference.


2. Finder base

The finder base with double-T profile was swapped for a standard Vixen-style base. You can now mount almost any finderscope or LED finder. This gives you more freedom of choice, because in the past only a few models fitted correctly.

3. Suitable for binocular attachments

Not everybody uses them, even though they really elicit a WOW-effect during observation. Binoculars allow you to watch with two eyes and give you plastic impressions. They are particularly fantastic for watching the Moon and planets. For problem-free use of a binocular the tube has been slightly shortened to provide more focusing space for the connection. Now you can use a binocular with diagonal mirror.

4. Reinforced prism rail

During the constant assembly and disassembly of a telescope, the prism rail suffers a lot. The screws of the mount repeatedly dig into the soft aluminium and leave scratches and sometimes even deep notches. We have now reinforced the prism rail of your apo with a stainless steel plate, so that it can still be used for many years to come. Scratches and deep notches are a thing of the past.

5. Retractable dew-shield

The dew-shield is now extendable and retractable and no longer attached.

By the way: Each apo now comes with a measurement protocol as a standard. Furthermore, we check the adjustment of each telescope and include a test image of the adjustment. But did you know, that, on request, we will also check your telescope on our optical bench? From the star test in autocollimation up to the interferometric test.


Push+ object finder: With telescope and smartphone to the stars

September 5 2016, Anita Maier

You surely know this from your own observations: You are looking for a galaxy in a starless region, you look critically at your red illuminated star chart. And think about the best way to approach the object.

Finding objects sometimes is a major challenge. Why not make life easier! With the new Push+ system from Omegon. But where does the smartphone come into play?


The name stands for a brand new object finder system from Omegon – in form of a Dobsonian Telescope. Equipped with digital encoders and Bluetooth, it provides a wireless connection between your smartphone + App (or even your PC) and the telescope. A Push+ telescope gives you the quickest way to find objects. For a successful stargazing evening!

Omegon Push+ products are currently available as an 8-inch Dobsonian telescope or separately as a Dobson mount (rockerbox) with GP receptacle for your own tube.

Have become curious? Then go directly to the product pages for telescopes and mounts for more information.

Telescope configurator with new telescopes: 6 steps to your dream telescope

August 15 2016, Marcus Schenk

Optics, mounts and accessories: For two years you have been able to use the telescope configurator to custom compile your own telescope, and now we have considerably extended the configurator’s functions. You can now choose from 12 different telescopes and adapt the telescope to even better serve your needs.


In the past, you have had to content yourself with the telescopes on offer. Why not switch things up and make buying a telescope a more personalised experience? This is what we at thought, too, when we designed the configurator. We started with two Newton telescopes.

Now, the Advanced Telescope Series offers a full range of new reflectors and refractors:

Would you like to give it a try and take a look at the telescopes? This way to the telescopes!

How to start telescope selection

It’s fun to play with the configurator. What might my telescope look like? Which mounts and accessories are important to me? Do I prefer a simple or a more sophisticated eyepiece?

Simply click on this link and start configuring your dream telescope by first choosing the optics. The overview shows all available optics including basic prices. Step by step, you now make your way to mounts, focusers, eight different finderscopes, eyepieces and other accessories.

When it comes to accessories, you may even skip individual steps; for example, if you already have good eyepieces. This means that you are almost entirely free in your selection.
And the best part is: You can activate or deactivate your selection with a tick on the right. You can see in real-time how the prices change in the top right corner. This way, you not only choose each individual telescope component, but you also have full control over pricing.

Protection against unsuitable combinations

One of the most important prerequisites: the tubus needs to match the mount. How quickly do you accidentally place too large an optics on too small a mount. Using a 6” refractor, for example, on a small EQ-300 mount would be an unstable and shaky affair, as if you were using a telescope on a sailing ship in heavy seas. To avoid this, not every tubus can be combined with every mount. In this case you won’t see a tick but a cross next to the item.

No matter whether you’re a beginner or an advanced stargazer: For hobby astronomers, the telescope configurator is an alternative to the finished telescope sets. It simply gives you more control when purchasing your telescope.

Why not give it a try: configure your telescope now.

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