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Taurus Dobson telescope N 304/1500 T300 DOB

Product no.: 56457
Manufacturer: Taurus

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Taurus Dobson telescope N 304/1500 T300 DOB
Taurus Dobson telescope N 304/1500 T300 DOB
Taurus Dobson telescope N 304/1500 T300 DOB
Taurus Dobson telescope N 304/1500 T300 DOB
Taurus Dobson telescope N 304/1500 T300 DOB
Taurus Dobson telescope N 304/1500 T300 DOB
Taurus Dobson telescope N 304/1500 T300 DOB
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Product description:

Taurus Dobosnians are high-quality mobile telescopes with a large aperture that can be folded into a compact form during transport. Perfect for professionals and amateurs, looking for unforgettable views of deep sky objects such as nebulae, distant galaxies or globular clusters.

Some Features of the Taurus Dobsonians:

  • Compact, light construction These Telescope encourages to travel beyond city agglomerations, in search of dark sky.
  • High quality optics Mirrors are made with the highest precision and carefulness by experience personnel. Hand-made shaped and constantly controlled during the whole process of production. High-quality combined with coatings protected SiO2 guarantees impressive image quality. All parabolic mirrors have a precise marker placed on them in order to allow for more precise collimation.
  • Original design Combination of modern materials and classic wood makes this telescope timeless. It is not only capable of providing great images but also presents itself splendidly. All elements made in CNC technology, handmade finished and assembled with the highest precision. Wooden elements made of waterproof plywood covered with several layers of varnish.
  • Optimal mirror cell Even a perfect mirror will not provide good quality images if not properly fitted. Taurus uses 9, 18 or 27 point covers in their telescopes, which providing ideal weight distribution of the mirror.Nylon lower and side supports hold mirror securely and do not cause astigmatism. In horizontal position the mirror rests on a special belt in order to distribute its mass equally. Side hold provided by 3 strong grips. The whole fitting made entirely of aluminium alloy, powder painted. Joints made of A2 stainless steel. During collimation one moves the whole fitting together with the mirror it embraces, therefore the mirror has always ideal, unchanged conditions. An additional advantage of the floating fitting is easy access to the mirror (it is not glued). It may be released at any given time for cleaning or service. The opened construction allows for faster mirror cooling. Secondary mirror fitting provided with a separator which prevents tensions.
  • Comfortable usage Dismantling of the telescope is very intuitional. One person may easily dismantle the telescope within a few minutes. All winders are fixed into the construction. There is no possibility of loosing one of them. Additionally provided with a systemic solution that simplifies unscrewing (particularly useful when using thick winter gloves). During transportation individual elements are fastened one another, creating a tight chunk, which facilitates relocation and secures construction and optics. Teflon pads and bearing mounting base provides smooth and precise handling even at high magnifications. The mounted base has a rotational resistance adjustment, so you can adjust the telescope to your preferences. A gust of wind or accidental hunch will not move the telescope. The top cell can be mounted in two positions by changing the position of the focuser. This allows for convenient observation from the zenith to the horizon. The telescope is designed, so that the main mirror moves as close to the ground as possible, so that the maximum height on which the eyepiece is located is minimized.
  • Regulated maximum load The telescope is balanced for heavy oculars. However, in need for fitting of additional accessories the centre of gravity may be moved, increasing thereby the maximum load. To move the center of gravity, it is enough to mount skids in a lower or higher position. Optionally the telescope may be equipped with a set of counterweight.
  • Truss The whole grate is made of 6063 aluminum. Properly selected diameter and cross-section of pipes guarantee high rigidity of the structure. Specially designed pipe ends connected with A2 stainless steel bolts show great resistance to wear and no backlash for many years. All elements are connected together to form a single piece which facilitates and significantly accelerates assembly. The built-in stops do not allow the truss to spread too much and tip over. Connections to which the upper cell is screwed are made of brass.
  • Comfortable collimation Each telescope requires collimation from time to time. Taurus made their best to ensure that it would be as simple and comfortable as possible. No tools are required for collimation. Everything is carried out with comfortable winders placed on the top. Due to applied springs there is no need to counter the settings. Additionally, the main mirror is provided with a central marker for even more precise collimation.
  • Solid composition Details made of strong aluminium 6063, powder coated. All screw joints, bearing bedding in the bottom - made of stainless steel. Wooden elements made of waterproof plywood which allows for the whole construction of the telescope to be fully resistant to atmospheric conditions - moisture, low temperatures or ice. Threaded connections are made of brass, thanks to which they are resistant to corrosion and require no maintenance and make it easier to unscrew the knobs.

Telescope packed in a solid wooden box. There is no risk that it will be damaged during transport. We supply all Taurus Dobsonians with mounted optics, collimated and ready for use.

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