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APM Apochromatic refractor AP 203/1800 CNC-LW II OTA

Product no.: 8340
Manufacturer: APM

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APM Apochromatic refractor AP 203/1800 CNC-LW II OTA
APM Apochromatic refractor AP 203/1800 CNC-LW II OTA
Product description
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Product description:

The dew shield, as well as the OTA are manufactured from Kruppax 50, all other parts are made from CNC machined or milled high-grade aluminum. The OTA and dew shield are painted in RAL 9001 cream-white and the aluminum parts matt black. The dew shield can be retracted to make the telescope shorter for transport and has a baffle at the front which effectively suppresses the formation of dew on the telescope for long periods.


The 3.5" focuser works with an adjustable high-precision rack-and-pinion system. There is a 50mm quick-release finder bracket on the focuser itself which is so precisely engineered that the finder scope remains accurately adjusted even after repeated removal and insertion. The focuser has a 3.5"/ 2" adapter at the end with an encircling clamp as well as 2"-1.25" adapter with brass compression ring clamp. The complete focuser with finder bracket can be rotated through 360° so that the finder scope can always be in the most convenient position for you, the attached and focused 35mm or medium-format camera can be rotated into the desired position, and also that you do not have to remove your the star diagonal plus eyepiece when you change to observing an object at a different position in the night sky but only have to rotate the focuser. The rotation position and focuser position can be locked in place with a screw.

The tube ring clamps are made of black powder-coated CNC machined aluminium and are flat on both sides with a central 1/4-20 inch thread and 2 external 1/4-20 inch, with 2.362 inch hole separation threads as well as 2 1/4-20 inch outer threads with 3.2 inch hole spacing (Astrophysics standard).

The TMB 8" f9 is not only a dream machine for planetary observers, but also an extremely good CCD platform.

Note: Due to the relatively short length and large lens/cell, this model is quite front heavy, we therefore offer the installation of extra counterweights in the rear of the OTA for proper balancing according to your wishes. Please discuss this with us when you place your order.

Included in delivery:

  • CNC-machined lightweight OTA with retractable dew shield
  • set of CNC-machined tube ring clamps
  • 3.5" Starlight focuser with 50mm finder scope bracket, both 360° rotatable
  • 3.5"/ 2" reducing adapter with new fully encircling eyepiece/star diagonal clamp
  • 2", 2"-80mm extension tube
  • 2"/1.25" adapter with brass compression ring clamp
  • test report
  • covers for both ends

Technical data:

  • dew shield length: 420mm
  • OTA diameter: 238mm
  • dew shield diameter: 271mm
  • Transport length 1650mm
  • length when observing: 2,030 mm
  • OTA weight: 31kg
  • 220mm back focus (for bino-viewer use)


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