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Dobson telescope N 254/1200 Skyliner FlexTube BD DOB GoTo

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This product is available in the following variants:
Type of build Language Price
Dobson - $ 960.00
Dobson GoTo English $ 1,710.00

Product description

A large aperture for a little money - that was always the main idea when acquiring a Dobsonian telescope. With their BlackDiamond Dobsonian, Sky-Watcher have created a classic with a new slant. The new, patented, a novel patented sliding rod design makes it is particularly easy to transport. Another advantage of this is that it allows the focus point to be flexibly shifted by sliding the rods further in or out.

Not being able to track objects has always been a problem. Hardly was an object positioned, than it was already drifting out of the eyepiece's field of view. Dobsonians were therefore preferentially used for deep sky observing at low magnifications. With BlackDiamond Autotracking and BlackDiamond GoTo Dobsonians, Sky-Watcher has now created a new option: a series featuring automatic tracking. Tiresome guiding by hand is no longer necessary. The device is fully capable, even when planetary observing at high magnification.

The telescope and mount:

This BlackDiamond truss tube Dobsonian is equipped with a 10 inch parabolic mirror. A 10 inch telescope offers 56% more light than a classic 8 incher, but is still easy to transport. Resolving globular clusters into individual stars is no longer a problem. Structure can be observed in many nebulae under good conditions. With an aperture ratio of f4.7 and a finely adjustable 2 inch focuser, the telescope is well suited for observing extended nebulae. Extensive structure can be seen under good conditions when planetary observing. For example, Saturn shows its ring gaps as well as a half dozen of its moons.

The telescope is equipped with a smoothly operating Crayford focuser, which allows precise focusing adjustment. A T2 camera connector is included with the focuser. A camera-specific T2 adapter, which is included in our product range, is additionally required for using a DSLR camera.

Truss tube Dobsonians are particularly popular with committed observers due to their excellent portability. Skywatcher offers an especially easy to manage system with its new FlexTube Dobsonians. Only having 3 tubes, they can be quickly collapsed. On arriving at the observing site you simply need to extend the tubes again and you have a fully operational and aligned instrument within seconds. The telescope is still very rigid even in its fully extended configuration. The manufacturer promises very stable collimation despite the simple design.

Included in delivery:

  • optics with a collapsible tube
  • reinforced rocker box
  • 10mm and 25mm eyepieces (1.25")
  • 2 inch Crayford focuser with 1.25 inch adapter and T2 camera connector
  • 9x50 quick-release finder for easy location of objects in the night sky
  • primary mirror with central marker for a easier collimation
  • user manual in German

The built-in tracking capability allows the photography of brighter objects. Unlike many standard Newtonians, there is no problem with the focus position with Sky-Watcher truss tube Dobsonians. The position of focus can be flexibly adapted. The large light gathering power opens up interesting options at lunar eclipses and for planetary astrophotography. The powerful servo-motors on both axes can be controlled is via the hand box and can move the telescope at a range of different speeds.

The GoTo version of the Sky-Watcher Dobsonian comes with a SynScan control. The hand box is used to select any object from the pre-programmed database of 42,900 objects and the telescope then slews to this fully automatically.

Additional features included with the Dobsonian GoTo version:

  • high performance 12V servo motors on both axes
  • adjustable speed of 1X, 4X, 8X, 32X, 64X or 800X
  • easily operated SynScan hand box for rapidly finding thousands of astronomical objects

It is not only important which telescope you buy, but also where you buy it.

We provide extra help:

  • We are a leading telescope dealer and know these instruments like the back of our hands.
  • We are always very happy to offer our assistance after your purchase, should you encounter any problems with your telescope’s setup or operation.
  • Our ‘Telescope Basics’ booklet - an 80-page beginner's guide for our telescopes – is provided free of charge with every telescope we sell.



Type of build
Aperture (mm)
Focal length (mm)
Aperture ratio (f/)
Resolving capacity
Limit value (mag)
Light gathering capacity
Max. useful magnification
Tube construction
Truss Tube
Tube weight (kg)


Main mirror´s construction


Type of build
Connection ( to eyepiece)


Mounting type
Type of build
Dobson GoTo
GoTo control
Power consumption (mA)
Power supply

GoTo control

Hand Controller
GoTo Language
USB 2.0


Skyliner FlexTube
Special recommendation

Area of application

Moon & Planets
Nebulae & galaxies
Nature Observation
not recommended

Recommended for


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Skywatcher Dobson telescope N 254/1200 Skyliner FlexTube BD DOB GoTo


Skywatcher Dobson telescope N 254/1200 Skyliner FlexTube BD DOB GoTo

The truss tube design allows the Dobsonian to be collapsed into to a very compact size.

Skywatcher Dobson telescope N 254/1200 Skyliner FlexTube BD DOB GoTo

The tracking motor with control unit.

Customer reviews

Tracking peu précis

Review by Wembley on 08.03.2019 15:37:04

( 1 / 5 )

Suite à un très bon déroulement de la commande par la société Astroshop, il s'avère que le système GOTO de ce Dobson est très peu précis avec une erreur de positionnement de 6-13°, même un positionnement très simple sur la lune on arrive à coté. Le fabricant Sky-Watcher préconise une précision de 0.5 Minute d'arc.

Après maintes tests et échanges, le service après vente Astroshop m'a renvoyé une autre base qui s'est avérée pire avec un grand jeu dans les engrenages AZ. Malheureusement je suis tombé sur deux mauvais numéros de Sky-Watcher.

Malgré mes dizaines d'heures investis à rechercher une solution via les blogs, envoyé des photos et des vidéos à Astroshop, le service Astroshop m'informe que je suis trop exigeant dans mes positionnements et que je peux retourner la marchandise.

Je suis très déçu de ma commande, peut être que le service après vente est surchargé, mais il aurait été adéquate de me mettre directement avec le fabricant Sky-Watcher et/ou de me renvoyer une base GOTO, cette fois-ci, testée, vérifiée et conforme.

Désolé pour ce mauvais commentaire mais ce cas date de plusieurs mois sans progrès et c'est silence radio depuis plus d'un mois de la part d'Astroshop.

Response on this review by our expert Sandra Eguay

on 17.05.2019 10:22:42

De nombreuses heures ont été consacrées à chercher la cause de ce que vous décrivez - à savoir que l'objet céleste pointé quitte le champ de vision au bout de plusieurs minutes à grossissement moyen/fort. Le fabricant ne donne aucune spécification en termes de durée du suivi, et les autres instruments testés se comportent de façon similaire. Nous avons fait notre possible pour vous obtenir une autre base qui s'est avérée se comporter de manière similaire à la première. Nous vous avons proposé une solution commerciale que vous avez refusée.

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