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Skywatcher Maksutov telescope MC 90/1250 Heritage OTA

Product no.: 60718
Manufacturer: Skywatcher

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Skywatcher Maksutov telescope MC 90/1250 Heritage OTA
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Product description:

MC 90/1250 telescope:

This telescope is an ideal companion on trips and, as well as being an astronomical telescope it is suitable for use as a mirror spotting scope for nature watching. It is also suitable for children to take their very first steps in enjoying the night sky. This extremely compact telescope fits in virtually any hand luggage and this type is also known for its very high contrast image. With a 90mm aperture, this telescope is one of the smaller representatives of its type. The light gathering capacity is 165 times more than the naked eye alone (with a 7mm pupil). The saying 'the best telescope is one which you have with you' is very apt here, as hardly any other telescope is so easily transportable. Astronomically, this telescope has a lot to offer: the 1.3 arc seconds resolution means planets become beautiful objects to observe. Observing DSOs, such as the Orion Nebula, or scanning through the summer Milky Way is also a lot of fun. The telescope offers a suitable alternative to the usual scopes when used as a spotting scope for nature watching, and at a low price. Many classical spotting scopes only allow a fixed camera adapter at the higher end of the range at several hundred euros. This telescope is different: there are a wide range of adapters for nature photography available. The 1250mm focal length allows low-cost bird photography to be carried out for example. And of course for astrophotography it is possible to take exposures of the Moon. The sharpness of the image can be adjusted by use of a knob on the side of the 'scope which moves the primary mirror backwards of forwards. This mechanism allows a large range of focus which permits a wide range of different accessories to be used.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • very compact telescope with long focal length and 90mm aperture
  • high contrast image
  • also suitable for nature watching and nature photography
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